Ted Talk Outline

When talking about the history of the Democratic Party its important to talk about not only the decision makers but the voters. The face of the Democratic Party changed rapidly and I feel through the Democratic Conventions you can tell a story of how years by years the party demographic began to change. I will integrate videos and pictures from more recent conventions and tell the stories of old ones I feel appropriate. While my paper will be much more about the history of the entire party, I find the conventions the best way to portray the changing demographics of the parties electorate.

The Presentation will start in modern day with the current face of the Democratic party, then I will go back to the beginning and work my way back up to the present. It will be given in a different order than my paper but it will go through the history in a more American people-centric ideology. It will fully explain how we got from a white-supremacist party to the party of the first African-American to how even you could be the nominee of the Democratic Party and could elevate yourself to the highest office in the land through the Democratic Party. The point of both my essay and my talk is how the party evolved and how this evolution affects the every day American.

Topic: The History of the Democratic Party

Purpose: Demonstrating a shift of how America evolved to be more democratic and representative over time, and how now anyone could become at least a nominee for President of the United States.


Attention Strategy/
Orienting Material: Not set on which one yet but I will probably start with a speech from a Democratic Convention from 1996 to present.

Main Idea – The Democratic Party is a party that represents all Americans in 21st Century America.

The current faces of the Party.

Main Idea (2) – It wasn’t always this way? Where did it start?
Jackson-Civil War. Who were the main faces of the party.
Civil War-FDR and LBJ Nominating Convention
New Deal and the Great Society

Main Idea (3) – The Party Today.
A. The Clintons and Obama and the party of Unions and Dreamers as opposed to Rich White “Plantation Owners” and the poor masses.


Concluding Remark – The Party has come along way since it was lead by Jackson. His political party would become something he would deplore. Yet it representes the changes in America overtime and how we became a more democratic country and how everyone can now have their voice heard in politics and not just the few and every can fight to be represented in our country.

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