Making Supporting Courses Work for You

All options in the Nutritional Sciences Major have supporting courses.  These are classes that you choose, that are relevant to your interests in nutrition.  We approve a wide range of possibilities because we want these courses to work for you.  Many students choose to focus their supporting courses on a particular discipline in order to earn a minor.  The most popular minors with nutrition graduates are: Psychology, Human Development and Family Studies, Kinesiology, Biology, Health Policy Administration, Spanish, Business (Liberal Arts), Gerontology, and Neuroscience.   You might also find one of the new Emphasis Areas in nutrition is a great fit for your career interests.  Fifteen credits in any Emphasis Area will help you earn a Certificate from the Nutritional Sciences Department and something unique to add to your resume.  Check out the existing Supporting Courses list.  We are continually looking for new and interesting classes to add to our supporting courses and emphasis area course list.  If you are looking for something different consider these courses:

AEE 465 Leadership Practices: Power, Influences, and Impact (3 cr)
AEE 360 Leadership Development for Small Groups (3 cr)
BB H 130 Strategies for Addressing the Obesity and Diabetes Epidemics (3 cr)
BB H 203 Neurological Bases of Human Behavior (3 cr)
BB H 301 Values and Ethics in Human Development Professions (3 cr)
BB H 497A Biobehavioral Issues in Immigrant Health (3 cr) (X listed with HPA)
SOC 497B Health, Disease and Society (3 cr)
SOC 497C Gender and Health Over the Life Course (3 cr)
WMNST 452 Women’s Health Issues (X listed with BB H and NURS) (3 cr)
WMNST 458 Critical Issues in Reproduction (X listed with BB H) (3 cr)

If you find other interesting courses you think might be good supporting course choices, speak with your adviser.  We’re happy to review new courses.  It’s your education, make it work for you.


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