Fall Career and Internship Fairs

This month seniors have been attending a variety of career, dietetic internship, graduate and health care professional school fairs.  I’m sharing some of their comments with you.  The resources available to you through the Nutritional Sciences Department, College of HHD, and Career Services will be a huge help as you plan for your future beyond Penn State.  Take advantage of all of the opportunities available this fall and throughout the year.

 2013 intern fair

Seniors’ comments from Dietetic Internship Fair on October 8, 2013

“Being well rounded is more important than any one aspect of yourself when it comes to applying”

“Come prepared with questions, it makes it easier for conversation”

“All internships are extremely different. It is very important to find one that fits you.”

“Work experience is crucial”

Seniors’ comments from Graduate Health Care and Professional School fair on October 17, 2013

“The first thing I realized is that I seemed to be a bit under dressed even though I was dressed business casual. Almost everyone there was dressed in suits and ties.”

“The experience overall was really helpful, and I’m now considering attending more Open Houses in the future.”

“My favorite part of attending the Open House was how the representatives were willing to help me with the application process.”

“I was very pleased with the outcome of the graduate school fair.  I got to know some very kind people and I got information that I didn’t have before.  What I learned was that grades are important but desire and passion are more important.

“I would recommend an experience like our graduate fair to a sophomore or junior as compared to a senior, unless that senior knew that the specific program they were interested in was going to be there.”

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