Need Help Adding a course that is full?

During the first 10 days of the semester you can add and drop courses from your schedule without penalty. (Students with financial aid should not go below their starting credits for the semester. If you need to drop one class and add something else, do it on the same day.  Otherwise, this may have implications on aid.)  Spring semester drop period ends January 22, and the add period ends at 8am January 23. Many students are dropping and adding courses during this period, so gaining entry into a course that you want is likely if you utilize eLion’s Course Watch List. You can add multiple courses and sections to the Course Watch List. When a seat opens you will receive a notification (either via text message or email) alerting you to the opening. You need to act quickly, because everyone on the watch list is getting the same notification.

Another option is to ask the course instructor for permission to be added into their section. This is usually done via email. Usually the course instructor’s email address can be found on the Schedule of Courses ( Make sure that your request is clearly-written, concise and polite. If the instructor agrees to add you to the course they will request that you provide them with a Registration Add/Drop form. This form can be found here (on the Registrar’s website). You should fill out the form completely before asking for the instructor’s signature. The signed form is submitted to the Department offering the course or the University Registrar’s Office (112 Shields Building). Good luck!

Shawnee Kelly  MS, RD LDN

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  1. Add/Drop forms can also be picked up in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, Main Office, 110 Chandlee Lab.

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