Need an interesting GH or supporting course? Try “Eating Your Ecology”

Eating Your Ecology:  Current Trends in Food Writing and Environmentalism (English 297C)
This course is an opportunity to look at how writers from Thomas Jefferson to Michael Pollan have written about food and its production in the United States, but beyond that the course delivers the following:

  • Class that meets from 6:00-8:00 Thursday evenings in 209 Hammond
  • 3 credits of English 297B, which can be petitioned to count as a GH or would work as a supporting course
  • Food in every class to emphasize that food is a cultural artifact that always comes with a story
  • Three trips to nearby farms to learn how our food is produced and eat the food the farm produces, prepared by the people who run the farm

A final class dinner in May that will use the class’s lessons and food grown at the farms the class visits to prepare a communal meal. There is a small course fee for “Eating Your Ecology” to cover the cost of transportation and fees paid to visit the farms and provide students with food ($175).  This course is a great opportunity to discover community at Penn State while learning about how those plastic-wrapped packages of meat, fruits, and veggies wind up in the grocery store.

Schedule # 269971   Currently 12 seats remaining.

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