Fall Career Fair September 16-18, 2014

Nutrition students are often uncertain about the benefit of attending the Career Fairs sponsored each semester. If you are interested in a Dietetic Internship or summer experience in a hospital, you are not likely to find representatives at these fairs. But, if you are looking for jobs in a pharmaceutical, food manufacturer or marketing environment, health care services and administration, or social and human services, the non-technical career day, September 16, may have many opportunities. Students looking for summer internship or Co-op experiences in similar areas can attend the fair on September 17th. Basic science students will find interesting opportunities on the Technical careers day on September 18th. Students do find employers that value the applied and basic science background provided in the nutrition degree. The Fall Career Fair begins next week. This week, workshops are being conducted to help you prepare for the experience. Visit the Career Fairs web site for more information.

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