Using LinkedIn for Job or Internship Searching!

Many of you are probably thinking about searching for jobs or internships in the near future. As you may have heard, the majority of jobs and internships are found through networking.  If you haven’t already considered joining LinkedIn, you should! It’s a great tool to use to market yourself as a young professional and network with potential employers for future jobs and internships.

LinkedIn provides a number of great resources, such as videos and tip sheets, to help students like yourself get started. The following resources are recommended to help you get started:

LinkedIn Profile Checklist

Using LinkedIn to Find a Job or Internship

How to Network on LinkedIn

Once you get started, remember to log in frequently and make as many connections as possible. Don’t forget about your professors, alumni, peers, and even family friends that you find. A networking connection can start anywhere, and often in the most surprising way. Use LinkedIn to search for companies like food corporations or healthcare organizations in which you might like to work someday. Learn more and connect with people that work for these companies!

Always make sure to use a professional looking photo in your profile. You can use your cell phone to take the photo, but avoid a “selfie”! Rather, have someone take the photo for you in front of a plain background. Make sure to wear professional looking attire and a smile!

Some suggested LinkedIn groups to join:
Penn State Nutritional Sciences, Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, and The Penn State Alumni

Good luck!

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