Scheduling Full or Controlled Nutrition Classes

Attention Sophomores and Freshmen needing a nutrition class for Spring 2015.

Seats are currently available in Nutr 360, but it is controlled for students officially in the major. If you are a pre-major student (HHD status) and would like to take Nutr 360 this spring, please meet with one of the pre-major advisers, Mrs. Kelly or Mrs. Eissenstat.  We can determine if you are eligible to declare the major now, or sign your drop/add form so you can be added to the class while still in HHD status.  Nutr 251 is a prerequisite for this class.  Drop/add forms are available in the Nutrition office, 110 Chandlee.   Any student who needs to take Nutr 251 this spring, should do the same.  We will attempt to accommodate every freshman currently tracking Nutrition.  The class is showing as full on the schedule of courses.  But, some hidden seats are available in each section.  You are most likely to get into  section 003, the Wednesday afternoon class .  So, keep that in mind as you plan the remainder of your schedule.

Contact your adviser if you have any questions about the appropriateness of these classes for your situation.

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