Dr. Barclay’s Camp for Children with Diabetes

The following Post was contributed by Jenny Dang, Nutritional Sciences student.  This is a great volunteer opportunity for Nutrition Students.
I wanted to let you all know of a volunteer opportunity this summer at Dr. Barclay’s Camp for Children with Diabetes during the week of July 19-25. It is located within Camp Fitch in North Springfield, PA (about 30 minutes from Erie, PA) and you would be working with about 25 children with diabetes, ages 8-16. The student volunteers work closely with the medical residents, Physician Assistants, nurses, Registered Dietitians, and an Endocrinologist, but you would be working under the direction of two Registered Dietitians.

Responsibilities include assisting the campers with their carbohydrate selections, passing A.M. and P.M. snacks, informing the physicians of campers’ carbohydrate intake, creating and presenting educational games on nutrition and diabetes.  You may also participate in 3 A.M. blood glucose testing rounds with a medical team. The medical staff stays in Mirto Lodge at Camp Fitch, which has bunk beds and showers and there will also be complementary meals.

I volunteered last summer and have been asked to come back again this summer. I had a lot of fun and was able to apply what I had learned in my classes (The Exchange List from 358 and projects from 360 came in handy!). Aside from a few classes, I had limited knowledge of diabetes, and this experience provided me a better understanding of diabetes. I was also able to network with the medical staff and had down time to participate in the fun activities the campers enjoyed like water skiing, horseback riding, and zip lining.

The RDs are looking for one more student volunteer, preferably a Junior or Senior, but you can apply if you have completed your Sophomore year in May. This is a great opportunity and if it sounds interesting to you, please let me know so I can provide you with more information!

Jenny Dang   jad5863@psu.edu
Pennsylvania State University
Nutritional Sciences Major| Dietetics Option
Environmental Inquiry| International Agriculture Minors

UNICEF Penn State | Public Relations Chair
Student Sustainability Advisory Council 2014-2015
Student Nutrition Association | Secretary

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