College Lifestyles – Online Summer Internship

CL is an online magazine with a focus on helping female college students (“classy co-eds”) live positive, healthy lifestyles. CL’s content aims to help readers manage their academic and social calendars, practice healthy, budget-friendly habits and build and maintain their professionalism as they prepare for life after graduation.

CL Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief Shelly Marie Redmond, MS, RD, LDN, is a registered dietitian nutritionist with a passion for teaching others how to live simpler, healthier lives. Along with CL’s managing editor, Debra Schreiber, and an experienced team of editors and team leaders, Redmond ensures CL’s message remains positive, helpful and credible as new content is added daily.

As a writer on the Health/Fitness/Nutrition team at CL, interns will:

  • Apply content learned in nutrition and dietetics courses to a unique online medium.

  • Practice researching and interpreting evidence-based content from credible, professional organizations and publications.

  • Submit one article per week to an editor with a strong nutrition background.

  • Gain vital interpersonal communication, prioritizing, time management and professional development skills as they work in a fast-paced, team-based organizational environment.

  • Work remotely from their campuses, following set guidelines and deadlines that fit their busy schedules.

Working specifically as a member of the Health/Fitness/Nutrition team will also give students the opportunity to:

  • Publish and promote articles focused on key health, fitness and nutrition topics relevant to their peers.

  • Build a portfolio of pieces displaying their advanced knowledge of nutrition topics and information that can be highlighted during their interviews with internship program directors.

  • Promote nutrition and dietetics as a well-rounded, evidence-based field of study.

  • Incorporate written communication into their skill sets as young professionals.

  • Practice how to respond appropriately to criticism and manage crises in real time as they would working under the guidance of a dietetic internship director.

  • Establish a strong online, professional presence.

What makes us different from other magazines that write about health?

We require each article to contain three credible citations from professional organizations or publications. This is especially vital to the Health/Fitness/Nutrition section of the magazine. Articles posted on our website frequently cite information from,, Mayo Clinic, The American Heart Association, and more. We believe promoting accurate nutrition and health information in our articles is essential to the portrayal of healthy living and nutrition practices among young adults.

This is an unpaid internship program, but the skills and experience your students will learn and gain as part of the CL team make up for this offset. We offer college students the opportunity to work exclusively with other young adults pursuing similar career and professional goals. Strong writing and communication skills are vital to a student’s success as a future dietetics professional, and being fully virtual, working with CL makes developing these skills essential to an intern’s success in our program.

For internship details and a link to the Summer 2015 application, click here.

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