Apply for Associate Dean Shea’s Advisory Board

Dear NUTR majors:

The Associate Dean’s Student Advisory Board is a group of students selected to assist the Health and Human Development Student Council and the College of Health and Human Development by providing an organized voice for student issues and concerns, representing students on key committees of the College, developing student leadership capabilities, and identifying and collaborating on projects to improve educational, co-curricular, and other programs for undergraduates in the College of Health and Human Development.

Student Advisory Board members are selected through an application process (see application on reverse side) held each Spring and Fall. The selection tries to ensure that the Student Advisory Board is representative of all the colleges educational programs, as well as important other student characteristics (e.g., racial and ethnic diversity, Penn State campuses, Schreyer Honors students and more).

Student Advisory Board members must become individual members of the Health and Human Development Student Council, as Student Advisory Board is established as an ad hoc committee of the HHD Student Council, and the Advisory Board meets in conjunction with the HHD Student Council.

What does the Associate Dean’s Student Advisory Board do?

  • Brings student issues requiring the attention of the College to the Associate Dean for discussion and problem solving
  • Identifies 1 or more projects to improve student life for HHD students and collaborates with the Associate Dean’s Office to accomplish the work needed for the project
  • Participates in the annual HHD Student Organization Leadership Retreat for leadership networking and planning
  • Represents students and the College at events (e.g., Accepted Students Program, Spend a Summer Day) and on College committees

If you are interested in being part of the Associate Dean’s Student Advisory Board, please fill out the application on the other side.  Applications can be scanned and emailed to Heather Zimmerman ( or dropped off for her in 201 Henderson Building.

Please complete and submit the application right away if you are interested. Associate Dean SAB Application



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