Sports Nutrition Mentorship Program for Dietetic Students

My Sports Dietitian is launching our inaugural Sports Nutrition Mentorship Program on June 1st. Our Mentorship is designed to provide individuals, especially Dietetic Students who are interested in the field of Sports Nutrition, with the opportunity to become more Confident, Engaged, and Competent in the field of Sports Nutrition. We’ve developed a comprehensive educational platform that will put them in a variety of learning environments from online classes, small mentorship groups via Google Hangouts, and peer to peer communication.
Also, we have composed a great faculty of the leading Sports Dietitians in the industry (i.e. Bob Seebohar, Lisa Dorfman, Dr. Melissa Rittenhouse, Jennifer Giles, Allison Mankowski, Tavis Piattoly, Shelly Guzman) who have been selected to teach our 13 courses on various topics on Sports Nutrition.
Below is a description of just some of the key components our Mentorship will offer to those who enroll:
– Sports Nutrition Curriculum in an online Course Format (13 Learning Modules)
– Live Q&A sessions with our Sports Dietitian Faculty 
– Monthly Live Webinar on a Sports Nutrition related topic not covered in the Curriculum
– Monthtly issue of’s Examine Research Digest 
– Small group Mentorship Google Hangouts
– Access to Sports Dietitian Faculty via email
– Private Facebook Page for Mentorship Members
– Access to Sports Nutrition Internships with Collegiate Sports Dietitians
– Access to all Ebooks, Courses, Webinars on My Sports Dietitian’s Website
See the program flyer MSD Mentorship Flyer to learn more Dietetic about our Pre-Registration that will begin May 1st. Although this starts on June 1st, students can join at anytime throughout the year.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me, Tavis Piattoly, at 504-250-3325 or via email at .


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