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Juniper Village at Brookline hiring part-time dietary aides!

Juniper Village at Brookline is a rehabilitation and skilled care facility and they are hiring for part-time dietary aids. They like to hire Penn State nutrition students! In this job, students will gain experience in food service, altered consistency diets, and therapeutic diets in a long-term care setting.

Employees must be in town and able to work part time through the end of spring 2016 semester.  The position also requires working every other weekend (including football weekends) minimum.

Applications may be gotten from our website or in person at 1950 Cliffside Drive.  Please put “ATTN Matt” on top of applications.

Student Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Members: It’s time to join your State and Local Dietetic Associations!

Being a student member of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (AND) is valuable in many ways for you as future dietetics professionals. If you’ve recently joined or renewed your membership with AND, you automatically become a member of your affiliate (state) academy or association (i.e. Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics if you are a PA resident). Most states also have district academies or associations by region within the state (i.e. Central Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics or Northeast PA Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics). You can find out more information about your affiliate (state and district) academies or associations here:

General benefits of district membership include:

  • Local conferences for continuing education credits & get-togethers just for fun
  • Reduced registration rates for district events
  • Some districts offer mentoring programs & enrichment opportunities
  • Leadership and volunteer opportunities.
  • Eligibility for awards
  • Scholarship opportunities for undergraduates, graduates and dietetic interns
  • Grant opportunities
  • Opportunity to interact with local professionals via district specific FB, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts
  • Receive local job listings, private members only section, and membership directories
  • District specific newsletters and recognition of professionals you know!

Making connections to RDN’s and DTR’s in your local and regional area can be of great benefit for networking opportunities, such as finding shadowing, field experience (NUTR 495) and job opportunities. Learning about and volunteering at local and state meetings and conferences, and being eligible for student awards and scholarships are just a few of the other benefits as mentioned above.

For Pennsylvania Residents:

Click on your district link below to sign up for membership by August 31. Student membership rates are highly discounted or even free in some districts.  If you don’t know what district you are in check out this map:

Central PA Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

Lehigh Valley Dietetic Association

Northeast PA Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

 Northwest Association

Philadelphia Dietetic Association

Penn State Alumna Earns Emmy Nomination for Nutrition Music Video

Many of you have heard of one of our grads, Jill Jayne (2004, Nutritional Sciences and Theatre).  She was recently nominated for an Emmy for one of her Nutrition Rock Videos.  Check out the full article below.

This is  a fun song and helps emphasize the point that there are many ways to reach people about nutrition.    Get me goin’ Music Video

How will you use your creative energy to impact nutrition and health?

Penn State alumna earns Emmy nomination

Summer Work Opportunity – Laboratory for the Study of Human Ingestive Behavior

Dr. Barbara Roll’s  Lab, located in the Henderson Building at the University Park campus, is currently hiring students for Work Study or Wage Payroll positions in the lab.  This is an excellent opportunity to gain some hands on experience in research and learn about human ingestive behaviors.  If you would like additional information about the positions, please contact:

Christine E. Sanchez, DTR
Lab Manager
Laboratory for the Study of
Human Ingestive Behavior
226 Henderson Bldg
University Park, PA, 16802