Nutrition Coordinator Needed for the Nutrition Habit Challenge 2016

A Volunteer position is available for a Junior or Senior Nutrition student to develop and coordinate Nutrition Messages for the Nutrition Habit Challenge 2016.  A member of Student Nutrition Association (SNA) is preferred as this position can then continue efforts towards National Nutrition Month—March 2016. 2 credits of NUTR 496 – Independent study are offered.  A description of the Nutrition Habit Challenge follows.

Position expectations: 

Attend 1-2 planning meetings with the larger committee each month.

With the input of SNA and project members develop appropriate nutrition messages

Deliver messages consistent with the overall project management timeline.

 The Nutrition Habit Challenge was created in 2010 by the co-founders of One on One, Bruce and Kym Burke, to encourage their clients to make one or two small nutritional commitments using the “Less is More” approach.  In 2014, The Nutrition Habit Challenge became a community initiative to encourage the community to make small changes one step at a time. In 2015, participation grew to 2214 individuals (including 230 families) from the community, 9 schools and 10 companies.  Over the two years, this community initiative has raised over $20,000 for Centre Volunteers in Medicine and the Youth Service Bureau.

The “Less is More” approach is founded on the premise that making small behavioral changes can stop a downward spiral of destructive behavior and begin an upward spiral of constructive behaviors. This upward spiral often inspires us to make other small modifications, resulting in meaningful dietary/lifestyle change that can significantly impact our health.  Participants enjoy the benefits of making a positive change in their diet/lifestyle, support either the Youth Service Bureau or Centre Volunteers in Medicine with a small optional donation and become eligible for some great prizes, including a trip for four to Disney World!


To get as many community members as possible to participate with the hope that a reasonable percentage of them create meaningful, lasting change that positively impacts their health.

An HPA class will be assisting with marketing and communication plan, including time-line and content (both generation and curation), for increased community engagement.  The Nutrition Habit Challenge will take place during the month of February 2016, so the primary focus of the plan will be January 2016.  The plan will include a strong emphasis on social media, including scheduled posts and ties to the web-page for registration. Nutrition students and faculty will be providing the Nutrition content for the communications.

Overall Project Lead

Cheryl White

Centre Volunteers in Medicine

2520 Green Tech Drive, Ste D, State College, PA 16803


If interested, please send a copy of your resume and a short personal statement indicating why you are interested and qualified to assist with this project to Mrs. Eissenstat at  Applications will be reviewed by Mrs. Eissenstat and Mrs. Kelly.


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