Spring 17 Scheduling Dates Now Posted

The Dates for scheduling your Spring 17 classes have now been posted on lionpath.  You should also be able to start using the Shopping Cart function on lionpath.  A few things are different that prior semesters, so read the message from the Registrar’s office below. Note, you will ALL have a hold on your account until you complete the Pre-Registration Activity Guide.

A couple items to remember –

  • students will have a BFR hold placed each semester and they must complete the Pre-Registration Activity Guide each semester in order to release the BFR hold.  The last step of the Activity Guide is the student Financial Responsibility Agreement.
  • Once enrollment appointments are assigned, they do not change automatically** (i.e. transfer credits come in and bump them to the next appointment).    **This is new from prior semesters.

You can make appointments with your advisors at any time. But, our schedules fill up quickly so don’t wait until the week of your scheduling date to try to obtain an appointment.  Plan ahead.  Most of the advisors are using Starfish, which allows you to choose an online appointment time.  You can also call the Nutrition office during normal business hours, and one of the staff will help you schedule a convenient time.  814 863-0806.

Happy Scheduling!

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