Maymester: Kinesiology 203 Medical Terminology for Allied Health Professionals

Looking for a very useful supporting course this summer?  Consider this Maymester – Web based course: Kinesiology 203 Medical Terminology for Allied Health Professionals  This class will fill quickly!  Registration for summer courses begins February 3, 2017.

Dr. John Vairo will be teaching KINES 203 “Medical Terminology for Allied Health Professionals” this Maymester (05/06 to 06/05).  The offering will be web-based (online).  The class number is 4521, and the course ID is 026398.

Course Description:
Comprehensive review of terms related to functions, disorders, diagnosis, and treatment of body systems related to physical activity and movement.

This course is designed for students who wish to enter an allied health field related to physical activity and human movement. This course will help students prepare for careers in physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), medicine (MD, DO), physician assistant (PA-C), pharmacy (R.Ph), dietary medicine (RD) and emergency care (EMT, EMT-P). Some of the allied health programs listed above requires a 3 credit course in medical terminology prior to admission into graduate school and this course fulfills that requirement. The goal of this course is to help students develop an understanding of medical terminology related to physical activity and human movement used when dealing with the anatomy and physiology of the systems of the body, disease processes associated with each system, and pharmacology and clinical treatments associated with the pathology of the body systems. Students will appreciate the weights and measures, chemical symbols, diagnoses, procedures, and medical documentation used in allied health fields, especially in sports and human movement medicine.


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