Interested in Becoming a TA next Fall?

Teaching Assistants are needed for the section of NUTR 100 meeting on Tuesdays from 9:05-10:20 AM.  Teaching assistants will be helping the non-major students understand basic nutrition concepts, assisting them with their diet evaluation projects and in class activities, and leading review sessions prior to exams.  This is an excellent way to solidify your understanding of nutrition concepts and become part of a teaching team.  NUTR 100 TAs typically earn one credit of NUTR 496 which can be used in the supporting courses category of your degree audit.  I frequently write recommendations for DIs, jobs and graduate schools for students who work with me as teaching assistants.   If interested, please send a brief statement of interest explaining why you would like to be a TA.  Please include your student ID number and make sure this section of NUTR 100 will fit in your schedule.  Minimum requirements are a B+ in NUTR 251 and sophomore standing.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Brenda Eissenstat MS RD LDN,


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