Need a GH this spring consider – Narrative Medicine: Stories and Comics

Engl/CMLIT 297 “Narrative Medicine: Stories and Comics” (section 001, course#18467) is a health humanities (GH) course through which students will gain skills for analyzing, reading, and creating narratives about experiences of illness, disease, and disability. The course is designed to accommodate students in any major, and no prior experience with critical reading is expected. We will spend the class working with a wide variety of texts, which will likely include short stories, poetry, and comics, as well as case studies, medical ethics statements, peer-reviewed research, ethnographies, visual art, drama, and more. Courses like this are becoming increasingly common at medical schools across the country to enhance a variety of critical, analytical and care skills: By offering this course at the undergraduate level, we give our students an edge in their applications to medical, nursing, and graduate studies, as well as in their careers in public policy, EMS, and other healthcare-service positions. What this course offers students is a fresh and interdisciplinary framework for thinking about experiences of illness, disease, and disability.  — as a 297, it is not guaranteed to be offered again in the future.  See attached flyer for additional information.  This course would also be an appropriate lower level supporting course.

Narrative Medicine-Stories and Comics Engl297,sec.001_Spr2018_CourseAnnouncement-16ub49a

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