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New Supporting course option: The Future of Food

The Future of Food is a popular and exciting, new
introductory-level Natural AND Social Science course. It
emphasizes the challenges facing food systems in the
21st century, and issues of sustainability for agriculture,
as well as the challenges posed by food insecurity and
modern diets to human health and well-being. Topics
covered include introduction to the coupled-system
perspective, historical development of food systems,
socioeconomic aspects of the food system, interaction of
the food system with the Earth’s environment including
soil, water, biota and climate, and the future of the food
system considering changes such as in climate,
urbanization, and demography.

Course Instructor: Karl Zimmerer is professor in the
Geography Department and the Rural Sociology
program. He is an award-winning teacher who is
committed to issues of food, sustainability, and social
justice in rural and urban communities.

See the attached  The Future of Food Flyer for more details.

Summer Internship/Employment Opportunity at Bradford Woods

Bradford Woods is currently hiring summer staff for their nationally-acclaimed camps for children and adults with physical disabilities and chronic illnesses.  All staff members are trained to work with campers’ specific medical needs.  All positions provide a salary as well as room and board for the summer.  If you are interested in learning more, download this flyer: BW Summer Staff Recruitment Flyer-14z98yd or visit their website.


A new supporting course option: NUTR 297: Healthy Food for All: Bridging the Gap Between Policy and Poverty

Dr. Jennifer Savage-Williams is offering a new course called Healthy Food for All:  Bridging the Gap between Policy and Poverty in Spring 2018.  It will meet a lower-level supporting course or elective for the Nutritional Sciences major.

The class meets on Tuesday/Thursday from 1:35 pm to 2:50 pm.  The enrollment for the first offering is limited.  Once the class is filled, we will not be able to add more seats.  If you are interested, make sure you sign up today!

I have provided a detailed description of the class below:

This course encompasses the study of eating behavior and how fundamentals of nutrition-policy (e.g., food assistance and targeted supplementary nutritional supplementation programs in relation to Dietary Guidelines for Americans, Dietary Reference Intakes) and economics of food production and food choice affects the overall health, nutrition, and well-being of communities within our society. While aspects of this are covered in a variety of disciplines (e.g., nutrition, food science, agriculture, economics, sociology, and others), these aren’t always integrated for students. The purpose of this course is to provide an interdisciplinary, systems perspective of how individuals make food choices within their communities, and how these choices impact health and wellness. Topics include an introduction to what we eat, why we eat, and the key roles of diet on health with focus on the links between food security and obesity.  The politics of food discusses portions of the Farm Bill and Child Nutrition Act with focus on the Women, Infants and Children Supplementary Food Program (WIC), the Special Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and school lunch, and the influence these programs have on what is produced and consumed. The economics of food will focus on determinants of food choice and impact of food waste through hand-on experiential activities that will develop student food budgeting skills across income levels that provides perspective to eating healthy on a budget. Lastly, alternative food-system scenarios related to production and consumption, as well as social, economic, governance, health, and environmental dimensions will be discussed.


Teaching Assistants for Nutr 251

Happy Friday!

I am looking for 2 undergraduate TAs for  NUTR 251 for Spring 2018.  Serving as a teaching assistant is a good way to help students learn about nutrition and show your leadership skills. This is a hybrid sections that meets on Wednesdays from 8:00-8:50AM.

NUTR major or pre-major (sophomore through senior standing)

  • A- or higher in NUTR 251
  • B+ or higher in NUTR 358

You can earn 1 credit in NUTR 496 for serving as a TA

If you are interested and meet the above qualifications, please contact Dr. Ford ( In the email, please include a brief paragraph expressing why you are interested, any other commitments you have (e.g., other TA positions, work (include hours worked per week) or other extracurricular activities) as well as any questions you may have. Thank you!

New way to Schedule NUTR 456

Attention sophomores and juniors who are eligible to take NUTR 456 – Community Nutrition.

NUTR 456 is a required course in the Applied and Dietetics options.  It has a prerequisite of NUTR 251.  If you are currently a sophomore or junior, you may have considered scheduling NUTR 456 but had trouble finding this class on lionpath.  It is available each semester and currently has seats available for Spring 18.  For the first time however it is being offered through the Conferences and Institutes location.  It is still at University Park, but won’t show up with the other Nutrition courses.

There are two ways to locate the information on lionpath.

  1. Do a course search using “Conferences and Institutes” as the location and University Park as the campus. Enter NUTR as the subject and 456 as the Course Number.  Click on “Search”.
  2. Under academics, request your “academic requirements” report (if you are officially in the Nutrition major) or the “What If” report (if you are in premajor status). Scroll down on your report until you reach the section titled “prescribed courses”.  Nutr 456 is the last class on the list.  You will need to click on “view all” to make it visible.  You can then click on the blue hyper link for Community Nutrition.  Click on view class sections and select the appropriate semester.

You can also add it directly to your shopping cart in lionpath.  The class number for Spring 18 is 13203.  You can enter it on lionpath in the “add” section where you schedule your classes.  It meets Tuesday and Thursday 3:05-4:20 PM.  Then “enroll” in the course if it is appropriate.  The attached file shows screenshots that may be helpful.

Attention sophomores and juniors who are eligible to take NUTR 456-17mevb2

This course will continue to be offered through Conferences and Institutes, so look for it in this way in future semesters also.  If you have questions you may contact the Nutrition office at 814 863-0806 or your academic adviser.

New Class for Spring – Medical Professions (1 credit)

SC 201: Medical Professions (1 credit)
 Open to all majors, 3rd semester or higher
 Ideal for students a year away from applying to health professional school
Regardless of your chosen health care field—medicine, dentistry, optometry, PA, PT, OT, podiatry—this ten-week class will help you prepare for health professional school. It will provide an overview of the application process, preparation tips for pre-professional exams, and overviews of current issues in health care such as dis-parities in access and outcomes, cultural competency, medical ethics, and interprofessionalism, among other possible topics. Self-assessment exercises will help you evaluate your preparation and plan additional improvements to your applicant profile.
TIME: Thu 9:05-10:20 AM
DATES: 01/18-3/29
262 Willard

SC 201 Flyer 2018-2g91nts

PA Nutrition and Dietetics Association (PAND) Scholarship opportunity

The Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics announces their 2018 scholarships!

  • Eligible nutrition students (DPD students, Coordinated Students, Dietetic Interns, and graduate students in dietetics-related programs) who are student members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and have a GPA of 2.8 or higher are encouraged to apply.
  • One general scholarship ($1,000) and one diversity scholarship ($1,000) are available.

Three letters of recommendation are needed: please start the process early.

For more information and to apply online please visit our website at:

The deadline for application is JANUARY 19, 2018, so don’t delay!

International Hospitality course and Spring Break opportunity in Barcelona Spain with the School of HM

The School of Hospitality Management needs a few more students to join us for an amazing Spring break trip to Spain.  We have lowered to program fee to $1800.  You will additionally need to purchase a round trip airfare to Barcelona and have some personal spending money.  There are scholarships available through Penn State Global Programs.  The trip is embedded with a wonderful Spring semester International Hospitality Management course taught by Dr. Verbeeten.  The class will meet for 10 weeks on Wednesdays from 5:30 – 8:30pm.

Prof. Jackson and I will lead the trip to the Barcelona region of Spain over spring break.  This is not your usual tourist trip.  We travel to and stay in several small villages, interact with the local inhabitants, owners of local hotels, wineries, distilleries, bakeries, food shops, and we immerse ourselves in the region’s culture, markets, and cuisine – like no other trip you will ever take. We end the trip with two days in beautiful Barcelona with its famous Gaudi art structures, the Gothic Quarter, the largest open food market in Europe, the Mediterranean beach with a nearby amazing mall and water front, and the Ramblas (similar to the  Champs-Élysées in France) with its sidewalk tapas bars, pastry/espresso cafes, artist stands, etc.  See the attached document with the Spain information and itinerary of the trip for you to examine.  The cost is reasonable compared to any 8 day trip to Europe, with an added advantage that for students with spring schedules of 12 credits or more, there is no additional tuition cost to schedule this course.  Take a look at this fabulous opportunity to fit a study abroad program into your Penn State experience!

If you know already from reading this email that you have a serious interest in this course/trip, please contact  We do need a commitment with a $300 deposit within the next week or so.

Please contact us with ANY questions!
Prof. Beth Egan (
Prof. Ruth Ann Jackson (

One Heart Source Service Learning Opportunity in South Africa

One Heart Source is currently accepting applications for our 2018 Service Learning Programs. We are offering 2 and 4 week Health Innovation programs in South Africa!

As an OHS Volunteer you will:

  • Gain international experience on the ground in global health initiatives.

  • Mentor students who strive to become healthcare professionals and cultivate lifelong relationships.

  • Immerse yourself in diversity through service and excursions.

  • Collaborate with groups of university students from around the world.

  • Develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills through the pursuit of social justice.

  • Enhance health care skills in real-world environments


Apply here for our Volunteer Programs: 2018 Application

Application Deadline: November 30, 2017

Learn more about our Health Program here.

Last Chance to get a Nutrition Mentor!

The College of Health and Human Development Mentoring Program connects HHD students and alumni by matching junior-level students with alumni who are working nutrition professionals in a variety of settings. These alumni mentors can offer advice and information about career options or other issues relevant to nutrition students. The recruiting time period for new student protégés ends this Wednesday, November 8th.

The mentoring program includes an initial orientation and face-to-face meeting to set individual goals for the relationship early next semester, followed by 15 months of ongoing interactions.  Students can explore internships, course choices, and plans after graduation or other career-related issues with their mentor. Many of our student protégés have later returned to be mentors, reflecting the value of the program to both students and alumni.

To learn more about the potential benefits and expectations of the mentoring program or more on how to become a student protégé, visit or call Jennifer Charney, the Coordinator for Alumni Relations, Communications and Marketing at or 814-865-3831. Must contact Jennifer by 11/8/17 to be a part of this year’s program.