New way to Schedule NUTR 456

Attention sophomores and juniors who are eligible to take NUTR 456 – Community Nutrition.

NUTR 456 is a required course in the Applied and Dietetics options.  It has a prerequisite of NUTR 251.  If you are currently a sophomore or junior, you may have considered scheduling NUTR 456 but had trouble finding this class on lionpath.  It is available each semester and currently has seats available for Spring 18.  For the first time however it is being offered through the Conferences and Institutes location.  It is still at University Park, but won’t show up with the other Nutrition courses.

There are two ways to locate the information on lionpath.

  1. Do a course search using “Conferences and Institutes” as the location and University Park as the campus. Enter NUTR as the subject and 456 as the Course Number.  Click on “Search”.
  2. Under academics, request your “academic requirements” report (if you are officially in the Nutrition major) or the “What If” report (if you are in premajor status). Scroll down on your report until you reach the section titled “prescribed courses”.  Nutr 456 is the last class on the list.  You will need to click on “view all” to make it visible.  You can then click on the blue hyper link for Community Nutrition.  Click on view class sections and select the appropriate semester.

You can also add it directly to your shopping cart in lionpath.  The class number for Spring 18 is 13203.  You can enter it on lionpath in the “add” section where you schedule your classes.  It meets Tuesday and Thursday 3:05-4:20 PM.  Then “enroll” in the course if it is appropriate.  The attached file shows screenshots that may be helpful.

Attention sophomores and juniors who are eligible to take NUTR 456-17mevb2

This course will continue to be offered through Conferences and Institutes, so look for it in this way in future semesters also.  If you have questions you may contact the Nutrition office at 814 863-0806 or your academic adviser.

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