New Supporting course option: The Future of Food

The Future of Food is a popular and exciting, new
introductory-level Natural AND Social Science course. It
emphasizes the challenges facing food systems in the
21st century, and issues of sustainability for agriculture,
as well as the challenges posed by food insecurity and
modern diets to human health and well-being. Topics
covered include introduction to the coupled-system
perspective, historical development of food systems,
socioeconomic aspects of the food system, interaction of
the food system with the Earth’s environment including
soil, water, biota and climate, and the future of the food
system considering changes such as in climate,
urbanization, and demography.

Course Instructor: Karl Zimmerer is professor in the
Geography Department and the Rural Sociology
program. He is an award-winning teacher who is
committed to issues of food, sustainability, and social
justice in rural and urban communities.

See the attached  The Future of Food Flyer for more details.

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