University of Auckland: Northern Hemisphere Summer Research Scholarship

Outstanding HHD students with prior research experiences can take advantage of an opportunity to do research at the University of Auckland in New Zealand this summer. There are a number of research projects in areas of life and health science, clinical medicine, and public health seeking student researchers. Details on the opportunity and application are below:

What is this opportunity?

This is an opportunity to join a faculty-supervised research project at the University of Auckland.  Research opportunities are in a host of disciplines ranging from Architecture to Engineering to Dance.  Please consult this Research Programme web page for all information on the program and what research projects are on-going.  Only a maximum of five (5) Penn State students will be selected for a research project for summer 2018.  Penn State is one of 6 world-renowned universities selected to have its students take part in this exciting opportunity.

What benefits do students receive?

Students will receive up to NZ$2000 towards round-trip travel to Auckland as well as a NZ$4,400 tax-free stipend for doing the research project.  The monetary benefits are outweighed by the research experience which can be very valuable for fellowship as well as graduate school application credentials, not to mention living in Auckland – one of the world’s top cities for quality of life.

By when must students apply?

Students must complete their online application through the University of Auckland by midnight NZST on February 12, 2018This equates to 6am ET on February 12, 2018 in the United States.  (To be safe, we recommend advising your students to have everything completed and uploaded by midnight on the 11th of February.)

How should students apply and what is required?

Students may apply online by clicking the blue “Apply Now” button on the upper-right side of the Eligibility web page.  Students must be Penn State undergraduates in good standing who have completed at least 2 years of study at the time the award would be activated.  These students should have a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA.  They will also be asked to submit a CV, an official academic transcript as well as any project-specific information requested by the supervising faculty.

Does the Education Abroad office need to stay connected with students’ applications?

The University of Auckland will notify Education Abroad of students who apply and, ultimately, students who are selected.  As this is a non-credit experience, there is no pre-application through Education Abroad.  However, students who are selected and who intend to participate must register their travel with the Travel Safety Network and apply for a visa well in advance of travel.  The Education Abroad office can answer general questions about travel and visas for students once selected for the program.


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