Help Mold Penn State’s Strategic Plan

Student membership is sought for the following committees. Interested students should identify a committee of interest and reach out to the contact listed below each one. Inquiries received by Friday, February 9th will receive first priority. Students who are not sure which committee to contact are encouraged to send general inquiries to

  •  Advancing the Arts and Humanities Steering Committee
    Penn State will be a leader in the arts and humanities, utilizing them—along with the sciences and other disciplines—as agents of change in addressing complex global issues.
    Contact: Dr. Caroline Eckhardt,
  • Constituent Outreach and Engagement Steering Committee
    Penn State will partner directly and effectively with our constituencies in sharing consequential research, creative works, and scholarship worldwide.
    Contact: Mr. Paul Clifford,
  • Driving Digital Innovation Steering Committee
    Penn State will prepare students for success in the digital age and use digitally optimized outreach to foster economic prosperity in communities across Pennsylvania and beyond.
    Contact: Dr. David Hunter,
  • Enhancing Health Steering Committee
    Penn State will be a leader in promoting quality of life through comprehensive approaches to enhancing personalized and population health, achieved through a commitment to and investment in relevant research, education, clinical practice, and outreach.
    Contact: Dr. Lorah Dorn,
  •  Infrastructure and Support Steering Committee
    Penn State will think creatively and act boldly to ensure that its academic infrastructure aligns with and supports the University’s mission and vision.
    Contact: Mr. Steve Maruszewski,
  • Organizational Processes Steering Committee
    Penn State will lead nationally in the design, development, and deployment of effective and agile organizational processes that support the University’s mission.
    Contact: Dr. Renata Engel,
  • Stewarding Our Planet’s Resources Steering Committee
    Penn State will be a leader in creating comprehensive solutions to mitigate the dangers of climate change and address the challenges of providing safe and abundant water, clean and renewable energy sources, and plentiful and nutritious food.
    Contact: Dr. Jeffrey Brownson,
  • Transforming Education Steering Committee
    Penn State will be a leader in the transformation of education, including enhancing access to it, as it fulfills its land-grant mission in a 21st-century context and continues to drive discovery-focused research across disciplines.
    Contact: Dr. Robert Pangborn,

Additional information about the committees and their work can be found at

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