Want to Work in a Nursing Home? Take this Maymester 2018 Course

Nursing Home Administration Course will be offered in Maymester 2018 at University Park
HPA 497-001, Nursing Home Administration (5/7/186/4/18)
The course covers the 16 modules required by the Pennsylvania State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators. The Board requires that each module have 7.5 hours of content so each module will fill an entire day. Students who successfully complete the 16-module course of study and other course requirements can earn three (3) academic credits.  Completion of the modules are one of the requirements of the license application process to sit for the NHA exam.

While this course is related to the licensure requirements of becoming a nursing home administrator (NHA), much of the information is relevant for anyone who will work in aging services, from community based care, long-term care, acute care, assisted living, and more and is not usually covered in our other undergraduate courses. You will learn from industry experts from the profit, and not-for-profit segments of the long-term care industry.

Please contact Frank King with any questions at 814-865-1926 or by email to fjk14@psu.edu.

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