Don’t have all summer? Intern at Camp ENERGY!

August 4-10, 2018 (campers arrive on the 5th)

Join our mission to improve the health and wellness of our community. This internship is an opportunity for motivated undergraduate and graduate students to augment their education and career preparation in a variety of fields, including nutrition/dietetics, athletics/physical education, pediatrics and adolescent weight management. For example, students interested in nutrition can help campers personalize nutrition plans at camp and at home and help lead nutrition education sessions, mentored by a registered dietitian. A kinesiology major may help campers modify physical activities to their ability and set exercise goals, mentored by a collegiate swim coach. Students interested in behavioral health can learn how risk factors impact health and weight in adolescents while they work with campers individually under the mentorship of a pediatric psychologist.

During the internship, students will support adolescents ages 11-18 in a week-long journey incorporating education around nutrition, fitness, and healthy lifestyles. Students act as camp counselors to directly foster the growth of camp participants, offering individualized attention in structured group programming. The internship will also provide opportunities for mentored relationships, skill development (including leadership, accountability, teamwork, and communication), and an experiential foundation for transition to the workforce. This is a great opportunity to build a resume through experience, service hours, and letters of recommendation preparing for internships and/or graduate school.  For more information visit

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