Preparation & Info for Upcoming Advising Appointments

Many of you have appointments with me in the next 2-3 weeks to discuss your spring schedules. To prepare for these appointments, please run an “Academic Requirements Report” and sketch out a spring schedule that advances you toward your degree. Most of you will be following the Suggested Academic Plans found here:

  • A few notes about Audits and What-If Reports in Lionpath:
    Some audits still search for HM 228, which was discontinued after Summer 2017 – HM 228 material was folded into HM 329 & 330
  • Starting with the 2018-19 academic year:
    • NUTR 456 became NUTR 361
    • NUTR 370 (1 cr) was discontinued and was folded into NUTR 391 (which became 2 cr instead of 1 cr)
    • NUTR 371 (1 cr) became NUTR 393 (1 cr)

Since many current students took the old courses, the degree audit may still look for them. As long as you have taken one version of the course, old or new, you have fulfilled your degree requirements. Your Academic Requirements reports and What-If reports evaluate your degree progress according to the year you started at Penn State. It will also list the name of your chosen option (e.g., Applied Science, Basic Sciences, Dietetics) as it was at the time.

As a heads up, your final transcripts will list the new option names (Behavioral Nutrition & Public Health, Nutrition & Dietetics, and Nutritional Physiology & Biochemistry). To repeat, however, your degree requirements have not changed.

I know it’s a little confusing, but it works out. If you have questions, we can discuss them during appointments.

David A. Cassiday
Nutritional Sciences Advisor
Penn State University

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