Reminder: Late Drop Deadline (April 10) and Alternative Grading for Spring 2020

This is just a reminder that the late drop deadline is this Friday, April 10, at midnight. With all of the changes this spring semester due to the coronavirus outbreak, we made the decision not to change this deadline.  However, with the implementation of alternative grading, it is important to understand that a Late Drop (LD) and a Z grade (the alternative selection if an F is earned), function similarly. Like LD, a Z grade will not impact your GPA.

Part of the rationale for instituting alternative grading is to encourage you to continue to try your best in all courses, knowing that alternative grading provides protection against earning lower grades than are typical for you. It is important that you discuss plans for late dropping courses with your adviser and that you consult with Student Aid to confirm how these decisions might affect your aid eligibility going forward.

Rob Pangborn

Robert N. Pangborn, Ph.D.
Vice President & Dean for Undergraduate Education
and Professor of Engineering Mechanics
The Pennsylvania State University
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