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Fall 2016 Special Topics Course – Eating and Weight Disorders

Do you need an interesting 400 level supporting course?  There is a special topics NUTR 497 course being offered this fall, Eating and Weight Disorders, that some of you may  have missed with the new Lionpath class list.  This course is appropriate for students who have taken NUTR 251 and will be juniors or higher in the fall. It will count as a 400 level supporting course. Dr. Kathleen Keller is offering this class.  It received very positive reviews when it was offered previously.  It is typically only available once a year.  If this class interests you, it currently has seats available.

Food and Probiotics for GUT Health – 400 level supporting course

Some of you may find this 400 level supporting course interesting.  This course is probably most appropriate for students who have completed NUTR 445.  Knowledge of Cell Biology is also useful. Contact the instructor for additional information. FDSC 497F Flyer_2016_JV_1

New Plant Science Course – Genetics of Plant Metabolites, Plants and Human Health

Plant Sciences is offerring a new course that might be worth considering for a 400 level supporting course.   The objective of this course is to provide students an interdisciplinary approach involving genetics, breeding, biochemistry and biotechnology to understand the biosynthesis and the role of plant metabolites in plant and human health.  See the attached flyer for additinal information.

HORT 497B Genetics of plant metabolites_Plant and Human Health

New Supporting course: Geographies of Sustainability and Food

GEOG 297H Geographies of Sustainability and Food

This new special topic course may be of interest to nutrition students interested in nutrition and sustainability issues.  It can be used as a lower level supporting course and will be reviewed for consideration for the Community Nutrition and Food Security Emphasis area.  This is an honors course but it is open to all students.  GEOG297H Course Announcement_Poster V.11.b  The course includes two Saturday field trips.

Is it time to visit your academic adviser?

The leaves are turning, classes are in full swing and fall is truly here; but should you be thinking about spring?  Juniors are currently scheduling for spring semester and Sophomores and Freshmen will be right behind them.  If you aren’t sure exactly when you schedule classes for spring semester, you can find your date in a couple places:  Your Degree Audit and a new app on elion, Registration Calendar.  Check either to find your schedule date.  Although we have many resources available on line to help you plan your schedule, it is always a good idea to visit your adviser.  Electives, supporting courses, general education and prerequisites can be tricky.  Call the Nutritional Sciences office (814 863-0806) at least two weeks before your scheduled registration date to make an appointment with Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Eissenstat. The Nutrition Office is open from 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.  You can also stop in to the office at 110 Chandlee lab.  When you call or visit , have your student ID number and calendar available so you can select a convenient appointment time.  You can contact the other advisers by phone or email.  Their contact information can be found on page two of the blog.  Enjoy the beautiful fall weather, but plan now for spring.  Some classes fill quickly and you don’t want to miss out.

Info sessions for Global Health Minor starting this week

If you are looking for an interesting minor that would combine Nutrition with Global Health issues, you will probably find the Global Health Minor very exciting.  Courses for the minor can be used as supporting courses in the Nutrition major.  Information sessions will be held fairly frequently, but are starting tomorrow evening, Wednesday Sept 10, 7-8pm in 110 Henderson.  Other dates will occur later in the semester.  See the attached flyer for additional information.


Medical Spanish: Health Issues and Cultural Awareness

I came across this Summer course and thought some of you might be interested.  SPAN 197A is being taught first summer session (05/19/14 – 06/27/14) in a WEB format.  SPAN 003 is a prerequisite. This course is designed to develop oral and written communication skills using specialized vocabulary in the health care field. In addition, the course incorporates contemporary and essential cultural aspects of the health of the Hispanic population residing in the United States.

This course can be used as a supporting course in the nutrition curriculum

There are currently 7 seats available.

Several departments, including Spanish, offer intensive language instruction over the summer.   This might be something to consider if you have always wanted to learn a language but have trouble fitting it in during the academic year.

Need an interesting GH or supporting course? Try “Eating Your Ecology”

Eating Your Ecology:  Current Trends in Food Writing and Environmentalism (English 297C)
This course is an opportunity to look at how writers from Thomas Jefferson to Michael Pollan have written about food and its production in the United States, but beyond that the course delivers the following:

  • Class that meets from 6:00-8:00 Thursday evenings in 209 Hammond
  • 3 credits of English 297B, which can be petitioned to count as a GH or would work as a supporting course
  • Food in every class to emphasize that food is a cultural artifact that always comes with a story
  • Three trips to nearby farms to learn how our food is produced and eat the food the farm produces, prepared by the people who run the farm

A final class dinner in May that will use the class’s lessons and food grown at the farms the class visits to prepare a communal meal. There is a small course fee for “Eating Your Ecology” to cover the cost of transportation and fees paid to visit the farms and provide students with food ($175).  This course is a great opportunity to discover community at Penn State while learning about how those plastic-wrapped packages of meat, fruits, and veggies wind up in the grocery store.

Schedule # 269971   Currently 12 seats remaining.

Summer Nutrition Study Abroad in Oaxaca Mexico

Two interesting summer abroad opportunities in Nutrition are available through the Metropolitan State University of Denver. Dietetic Spanish in Oaxaca and Food History of Mexico and Oaxaca.  Credits could be used as supporting and IL courses for your nutrition degree.

Making Supporting Courses Work for You

All options in the Nutritional Sciences Major have supporting courses.  These are classes that you choose, that are relevant to your interests in nutrition.  We approve a wide range of possibilities because we want these courses to work for you.  Many students choose to focus their supporting courses on a particular discipline in order to earn a minor.  The most popular minors with nutrition graduates are: Psychology, Human Development and Family Studies, Kinesiology, Biology, Health Policy Administration, Spanish, Business (Liberal Arts), Gerontology, and Neuroscience.   You might also find one of the new Emphasis Areas in nutrition is a great fit for your career interests.  Fifteen credits in any Emphasis Area will help you earn a Certificate from the Nutritional Sciences Department and something unique to add to your resume.  Check out the existing Supporting Courses list.  We are continually looking for new and interesting classes to add to our supporting courses and emphasis area course list.  If you are looking for something different consider these courses:

AEE 465 Leadership Practices: Power, Influences, and Impact (3 cr)
AEE 360 Leadership Development for Small Groups (3 cr)
BB H 130 Strategies for Addressing the Obesity and Diabetes Epidemics (3 cr)
BB H 203 Neurological Bases of Human Behavior (3 cr)
BB H 301 Values and Ethics in Human Development Professions (3 cr)
BB H 497A Biobehavioral Issues in Immigrant Health (3 cr) (X listed with HPA)
SOC 497B Health, Disease and Society (3 cr)
SOC 497C Gender and Health Over the Life Course (3 cr)
WMNST 452 Women’s Health Issues (X listed with BB H and NURS) (3 cr)
WMNST 458 Critical Issues in Reproduction (X listed with BB H) (3 cr)

If you find other interesting courses you think might be good supporting course choices, speak with your adviser.  We’re happy to review new courses.  It’s your education, make it work for you.