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I am a Fellow at the European Southern Observatory, specialising in Multi-messenger Astroparticle Physics. I am part of the group working on the “Neutrinos and Dark Matter in Astro- and Particle Physics” programme.

My work is in the field of particle astrophysics and  high-energy astrophysics. I am interested in the astrophysics and propagation of ultra-high energy cosmic rays, extragalactic magnetic fields, and production of secondary messengers. I am also interested in unravelling the physics of sources of high-energy and very high energy gamma-ray radiation, primarily gamma-ray emitting blazars.

I am a member of the Pierre Auger Collaboration. The Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina is the world’s largest cosmic ray observatory. It detects ultra-high energy cosmic rays, through the extensive air-shower they produce when they interact with the Earth’s atmosphere.

I am also a member of the Astrophysical Multi-messenger Observatory Network (AMON) team. AMON   looks for temporal and spatial coincidences between signals from all known astronomical messengers- photons, neutrinos, cosmic rays, and gravitational waves. The aim AMON is to enhance the combined sensitivity of collaborating observatories to transient astrophysical phenomena in their sub-threshold data. Currently, I am developing the first, real-time analysis of  ultra-high energy photon candidates, detected with the Pierre Auger Observatory, that will be sent to the AMON cyber-infrastructure system within a few seconds of being detected.

Previously I was a PDRA, and Fellow of the Institute of Gravitation and the Cosmos, at Penn State University in the Particle Astrophysics group.

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