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It’s all about the experience…

June 28, 2015 by Olivia Kathleen Richards   

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Since my first visit to Georgetown Cupcake in 2010, I have eaten a cupcake in every place that I travel to. I have almost always found a great place. Each time I travel, look for a bakery that isn’t too far from my destination that is the favorite online with reviews.  But, I feel as though a problem of mine while going to all of these fantastic cupcakeries was that I never wrote anything down. Most times, I have documented my experiences by taking photos of me at the location. I wish I kept a notebook and recorded what I thought of the cupcake’s details. I desperately wanted to have the experience but, at those points in time, I wasn’t looking into sharing all of my experiences and opinions with the world. But, since I am now, I apologize for now being as concise as I could have been when I was actually eating the cupcake. Over the past five years, I feel as though I have always compared the cupcakes that I have tried to that of Georgetown Cupcake, the masters of perfect cupcakes, in every way. It is possible that the comparison will always be in the back of my mind…oh well!

So, I will share the places that I have been too. Honestly, I have never had a truly BAD cupcake in any bakery that I find.

Last year, I visited Hoboken, NJ to catch up with family living there after a piano performance of mine in New York City. I decided that since we were only down the street, it would be a great idea to finally stop at the bakery of the one and only Buddy Valastro of the show, Cake Boss. His show came onto TLC in 2009 and has been a “lazy” Sunday favorite in my house. Carlos Bakery was actually packed. Their line was extremely long…so much that it stretched to a street corner and then started on the next street corner where you would receive a ticket number like a deli counter. So, that forced us to return when it was less busy, after we had dinner with my family. Upon our return after 8 o’clock, there wasn’t even a line outside of the bakery. Once we got in, it was extremely crowded and slightly unorganized. I waited for at least a half hour inside of the crowded bakery before an employee took my order. They also only took cash, which was inconvenient. I ordered cupcakes and cannoli’s, since they are well known for their cakes. But, to my surprise, the cupcake wasn’t very good at all. It tasted generic and I had high expectations. I feel as though they are simply a master at decorating beautiful cakes in huge styles but they probably don’t taste very good when it isn’t a rich client purchasing them. The cannoli’s, on the other hand, were absolutely excellent. I was glad that we made the extra trip…just for the cannoli. I was sad that Carlos Bakery was overrated.

Next, I will talk about a cupcakery that is a bit closer to home!


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