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Don’t judge a cupcake by its size…

July 11, 2015 by Olivia Kathleen Richards   

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A few summers ago, a friend of mine and I decided to take a day trip into New York City. It got off to a bumpy start and we ended up leaving a few hours later because we accidentally missed the 6:30 A.M. bus. Unfortunately, we had to wait until 10 A.M. to take the next bus. Since this experience preceded my days with a driver’s license, my friend didn’t have a car, we had to walk around the downtown of my city to pass the time. We were too embarrassed to call for a ride to come back and pick us up. So, needless to say, our days plans were pushed back but, lucky for us, we didn’t have any plans!

Alanna and I arrived into the Big Apple around noon on a hot, July day and we were ecstatic to finally be there. We left Port Authority and walked to Times Square. Since the both of us are lovers of Broadway, we decided to stop at TKTS, a discount ticket booth, to buy inexpensive student tickets for a show. Once we bought tickets for that evening’s production of Chicago, we needed things to do.

We eventually found ourselves venturing around the shopping district of Manhattan. Alanna and I stumbled upon Baked by Melissa. This cupcakery has four locations in New York City and I visited the Fashion District one. This façade looked adorable. Since there was a small line. I had to go inside to try.

Baked by Melissa is unique in that the shop only sells mini cupcakes. They have a wide variety of flavors but there is no different in size. I would compare each cupcake to the size of a half dollar. From the experiences that I have had in my house, it looked as though you could eat one cupcake in a single bite. Each bite of goodness sat in a case full of tiny holes, only large enough to fit one cupcake. For the customer, it was incredibly aesthetically pleasing and increased my expectations for the cupcakes. Soon enough, I found my “bite-size” assumption to be true. While the cupcakes were tasty, they were a little too small for me! I felt as though there was something missing. Maybe it was that there didn’t seem to be enough icing on some of the cupcakes. But, their small size compensated for being tasty and not getting dry, quickly.

I vividly remember enjoying the Chocolate Chip cupcake which was yellow cake with white cake and chocolate chips on top. Besides the strong cream cheese flavor, my usual of Red Velvet was still good as well.

For someone who tries not to eat more than one regular sized cupcake for each of my visits, I liked having the opportunity to buy a whole dozen for my friend, Alanna, and I to share. After eating six cupcakes, I felt a lot less guilty due to their size. Also, they were relatively inexpensive at the time. I believe we bought a dozen for only $10.

As you can tell, Baked by Melissa was a great place to accidentally visit.


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