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TED Talk Experience

July 17, 2015 by Olivia Kathleen Richards   

This morning, our class visited the One Button Studio to present our TED Talks. It was a fantastic experience!

Two of my favorite presentations that were exciting and refreshing included Oluwasanmi Victor Ariyo and David Lee. Victor had an excellent presentation on the paradigm shift of the Internet. He confidently began his TED talk and was extremely knowledgeable about his topic. Victor went in depth with his accurate sources and showed passion. He displayed interesting differences in the generations in American history between the millennials and baby boomers. David presented us with a new idea about the shift of shoes from function to fashion. It was interesting to see the actual development of companies that are household names such as Adidas and Nike. The influence of hip hop, music and celebrities on the evolution of shoes was fun. I was interested in his friend’s company of Heat Check 412 in the way that they are sharing their passion for shoes with others around Pittsburgh.

There were five great moments during the experience as well.¬†Sarea Recalde-Phillips had a very soft start to her presentation. It made the audience feel welcomed and very comfortable. It was nice to learn something new about the complexion of the tan in the United States. Victor’s pun on his last slide in his presentation about Childish Bambino was funny with the link to his music and its link to the internet.¬†Ishan Phadke shared statistics with us that over forty percent of our nation’s first and second graders between the ages of 6 and 8 wish they were skinnier. That survey was startling to me, yet educational. Amanda Craine’s point of showing how evolution was put into action was interesting, especially in the case of Darwin’s Finches. Andrea Gade connected the selfie conversation to us and the millennial generation. I liked the way that she advocated for and encouraged us to take natural selfies without loading on the makeup and flexing our muscles.


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