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It’s not the end…

July 25, 2015 by Olivia Kathleen Richards   

Truly, it is not the end, it is just the beginning of a wonderful blog about my cupcake experiences.

I plan to continue with my plan to find the best cupcake in America, a cupcake that manages to supersede that of Georgetown Cupcake, the current winner in my book. At this point, I would like to reflect and rate my favorite ten cupcakery experiences over the years.

Current Leaderboard- Top Ten

  1. Georgetown Cupcake- Washington, D.C.
  2. The Sweet Lush Cupcakery- Dunmore, Pennsylvania
  3. Vanilla Pastry Studio- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  4. Baked by Melissa- New York, New York
  5. Crumbs Bakeshop- New York, New York
  6. Smallcakes- Kansas City, Missouri
  7. SAS Cupcakes- Newark, Delaware
  8. SWEET Cupcakes- Cambridge, Massachusetts
  9. Carlos Bakery- Hoboken, New Jersey
  10. Cupcakes Gourmet- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Now that you know the most important information, I would love to make a game plan for what I will do next, through the coming years as a cupcake enthusiast. I am interested in making a bucket list of cupcakeries which I would love to visit. That way, I could document my cupcake excursions through the coming years, once my English 137H course ends this summer.

Bucket List of Sweet Stops

  1. Sprinkles Cupcakes- New York, New York
  2. Mad Mac NYC- New York, New York
  3. Buttercup Bakeshop- New York, New York
  4. Robicelli’s- Brooklyn, New York
  5. Magnolia Bakery- New York, New York
  6. Butter Lane- New York, New York
  7. Billy’s Bakery- New York, New York
  8. Hello Cupcake- Washington, D.C.
  9. Red Velvet Cupcakery- Washington, D.C.
  10. The Icing on the Cake- Newton, Massachusetts
  11. Treat Cupcake Bar- Needham, Massachusetts
  12. Mama Cakes- Westfield, Mass.
  13. Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe- Boston, Mass.
  14. Brown Betty Dessert Boutique- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  15. Cake Life Bake Shop- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  16. Iced by Betsy- Royersford, Pennsylvania
  17. Sweet Elizabeth’s Cakes- Manyunk Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  18. Pamcakes Philly Cupcakery- Rittenhouse Square, Philly, PA
  19. Billy Burger and Bakery- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  20. Philly Cupcake- A Cupcakery Boutique- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  21. Whipped Bakeshop- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  22. Pink Cake Box- Dennville, New Jersey

In the time between the Summer Bridge of the Pennsylvania State University Millennium Scholars Program and my actual freshman, Fall semester, my family will probably take two trips. I need some well-deserved rest and relaxation after this stressful summer.

We plan to visit Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Boston, Massachusetts. I will probably find a new cupcake place besides the norm of Georgetown Cupcake, in Boston, MA. There seems to be a plethora of wonderful options. In addition, I hope to go to Philadelphia, PA to visit my sister in her new home! There, I plan to try the cupcakes at Whipped which seems like an extremely popular spot! I would love to get to New York City as well and there are innumerable options to check off of my bucket list in the Big Apple.

I am incredibly happy to have made the decision to blog about my passion for cupcakes. This experience makes me realize how this love has truly been a treat. I can’t wait to continue taking options off of my bucket list, moving into the future. Until then, don’t forget that life is short… eat a cupcake.

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  1. Idan Kantor says:

    Great use of the pun saying that the blog about cupcakes is a treat. Also, I like how you went full circle with your last sentence. I would appreciate if you explained why you picked the cupcake places listed. Did you get this from online or word of mouth. What do you consider when identifying the best cupcake? I like cupcakes, but that is far from the passion that you have for them? After reading this, I definitely intend to try the Georgetown cupcake now after hearing that it has triumphed over all these other esteemed cupcake places. Best luck in your endeavors. You may not reach your goal of finding the best cupcake, but it is the path that is truly important.

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