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TED Talk- The Development of STEM in the American Education System

July 25, 2015 by Olivia Kathleen Richards   

I truly enjoyed our experience with the presentation of TED Talks in the One Button Studio of the Pattee Library. It was exciting to actually do what I have watched in so many other TED talks.

Questions to ask myself:

1) What went well?

Personally, I believe that my TED Talk went quite well. It was definitely a smooth performance. I established the shift in STEM in the American education system and went on to support my claim with evidence in a relaxed way. I feel as though I improved upon my minor errors from the practice session. Those previous errors included going over time and having too much information for a TED talk style presentation. I connected with the audience well, as it was appealing and they stayed focused on my presentation. They probably also stayed focused since they had a personal connection to STEM as that is the area in which their majors lie. Besides the connection, I think I had a nice and smooth flow to my overall presentation. I was happy and energetic about the topic area and that showed through the video. Additionally, my shift was clear, evident and in chronological order through my presentation.

2) What areas could be improved?

I feel that I could have used a few less words on some of my slides. Also, on my chart about the PISA student performance, I could have made the middle line for the average score thicker. If that were thicker, it would have been easier on the eye for those people watching the presentation. In addition, another aesthetic area that could be improved were my color choices for my actual slides which accompanied my presentation. A better choice could have been white writing on a darker color slide such as black, navy blue or grey.

Link to TED Talk:

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  1. Idan Kantor says:

    Considering that one of my rcp posts discusses how I considered your TED Talk to be of the two best, I completely agree with everything that you said that went well. I noted that I like the personal connection to STEM and Millennium. Even though you considered parts of the graph a flaw, I viewed it as an overall success as your masterfully used the projector. Your public speaking abilities were outstanding, as always. I was impressed by how you spoke with such confidence. I agree that there should have been less words on the slide. This way it would not be viewed as a PowerPoint. I like your idea for different colors that comprise of Penn State colors. An important thing for presentations is to have the background dark and your letters light so they are clearly seen. I would not say I was impressed with the Talk only because this performance is what I expected from you. Great job!

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