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March 16, 2016 by Olivia Kathleen Richards   

I have two pieces of advise for the day. One is to apply to your life at this point, in spring of your senior year. The next is for the beginning of your semester.

Now that you are in the home stretch, take this advice with a grain of salt.

  1. Have fun.
  2. Study for your AP exams. You will be thrilled with yourself when you come to college as a 2nd semester freshman or even a sophomore, like me. IT WILL BE WORTH IT. For example, for a 5 in AP United States History, I received 6 credits, the entire requirement at Penn State! Work hard. It will be worth the credits and your time.
  3. Look forward to the beautiful parts of senior year like Prom and your end of year events.
  4. Do not let Senioritis get the best of you. Go to school because by the time that AP exams are over, high school is a joke. All you have to do is show up. Seriously, just go. You’ll regret missing 25 days in last month of school a few years later. You never get those days┬áback.
  5. Spend time with your high school friends. Say hello to everyone you know when you see them. Spend time with your friends outside of school from now until graduation and until the day that you go to college.You don’t know if you’ll ever see them again. I lost one of my best friends during my Spring semester of freshman year and I cherish every moment that we spent together during high school.
  6. Take advantage of this time because high school is so much easier than your college experience will be.
  7. Don’t worry about petty drama or waste any of your time. It won’t matter in four months.
  8. Enjoy your parents cooking. Food will soon be quite crappy. You won’t eat steak, anything homemade or any other “luxury foods.”Eat at your favorite restaurants whenever you can because the broke college life will quickly set in.
  9. Everything will feel like a last. Cry if you need to. Embrace how special everything is. Take pictures at every event.
  10. Eat your favorite desserts and such. Actually, take lots of pictures. You probably won’t ever be skinnier than you are now.
  11. Go to any athletic event or the party or movie because Netflix can wait.
  12. Hangout with your younger siblings. They will miss you alot.

Next, I would like to address your dining experience on campus at Penn State, to give you a fair warning. The food at East is generally terrible. The Big Onion has good food for on the go and their pizza is apparently fantastic. The best breakfast on campus is at Pollock Commons if you are looking for a good plethora of options. They always have a sweet option such as the French Toast Sticks. The pancakes aren’t good. (Hint: make lots of pancakes at home if you enjoy them) A great lunch is available at West Commons where you can end every meal with a smile as you eat their chocolate chip cookies. But, South has the best dinner options because they offer more weekly variety. The prime rib is muy bueno. Dinner at Pollock and West is luck of the draw beyond the staples of burgers, fries, pizza, pasta and salad. They offer late night at South but its a hodge podge of food from breakfast to breadsticks. The best chocolate chip cookies though are hot out of the oven from Pollock. The daily ice cream is wonderful as well. I enjoy milk and it is fantastic from the Creamery, served out of cold vats! I promise that the food isn’t bad here…it is just not home.


  1. Amanda Craine says:

    Senioritis was one of the best and worst experiences of my life. After accepting my offer from Millennium, I knew nothing in high school mattered anymore, especially since I knew I had to leave high school before graduation to start summer bridge. So i finally enjoyed myself in high school by not having any stress from work. However, it was so hard to get myself to do the things I had to do, like study for AP exams. This was all excellent advice for your audience!

  2. Courtney Hummel says:

    This is awesome advice! After getting accepted and committing to Penn State, Senioritis definitely kicked in. I was so ready to start the next chapter in my life and I took the last few months of high school for granted, which I definitely regret now.

  3. Victor Ariyo says:

    The AP US History Exam came in really clutch for me as well!!!! But yes, I agree with everything that you wrote in this post, hopefully the high schoolers will take heed.

  4. Phillip R. Clauer says:

    I love this advice because I could have definitely used it at this point last year. I was so so so ready to graduate and get on my way to college that I did not really enjoy my last few months in college. Nonetheless, taking those AP classes and spending time with family really did pay off because getting out of general education credits is great and even though I live a few miles away from my family, I never see them so I am glad I spent time with them while I could. Great post.

  5. Brandon F Cruz says:

    Once again, your advice (in retrospect) is on point. The thing that I definitely failed at during my senior year was just enjoying my time there. High-schoolers everywhere waste a ridiculous amount of time trying to keep moving on to the next thing and want to get to college (or whatever they’re doing post-graduation). Keep up the good blogs O-Rich!

  6. Mary Ohara says:

    Yeah senioritis definitely got the best of me… This is a lot of great advice. I think high schoolers really take their opportunities and experiences for granted. Lord knows I did.

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