RCL #8: Paradigm Shift Essay Draft


In recent times, corporate media has expanded from its original form of formal print format to informal online articles that anyone can access, relate to, and share with friends and family on various social media platforms. While the growth of reaching across audiences to be accessible to those it wasn’t before is crucial to success, a paradigm shift has evolved in light of current events. The masses have changed their viewpoint on corporate media by developing a distrust for companies such as CNN and Fox News. Many have been influenced by events such as President Trump’s 2016 campaign, which called for the disestablishment of “fake news”. This shift in distrust of the mainstream media has actually stemmed from itself over the years. By accepting and acknowledging the falsifications that are claimed to be the foundation of the corporate media by figures such as Trump, distrust is cultivated and spread throughout the general public.


Identify those affected: The masses, corporate media, any third-person who is affected by either other party

Characterize the ideology or worldview before: Most were trusting of the corporate media; not much was able to be up for debate; print and TV formats were continuously used before the Internet

Characterize the ideology after: General distrust in corporate media that operate like for-profit businesses; influenced by people like Trump

What markers can you point to as evidence of the shift (e.g. new language/terms)? Evidence is found in things like political campaigns where large amounts of people are influenced by language such as that of Trump

What resistance is evident? Who is resisting the new ideology? Depends on the person and several other factors, such as political party affiliation

What is the shift a response to? Tensions in political campaigning

Who or what was key in moving the shift forward? The general public that choose to distrust corporate media

What conditions didn’t exist that came to exist that made the shift possible? A heated and very intense political climate in 2016; a lack of legitimate coverage by the media; primary focus on polarization of political parties

Now, beyond their simple existence, which of these played a more direct role in advancing the paradigm? Trump’s direct attacks on corporate media played a large role in speeding up the process of distrust from Americans towards the media


Although many events affected the ever-changing trust levels in corporate media, due to Trump’s political campaign in 2016 and an overall change in realization of separation occurring between the masses caused by the media, the corporate media has much recovery time in store for them in order to help speed up the process of returning to inform consumers. Perhaps this paradigm shift in trust would not have occurred had it not been for President Trump’s manipulative comments, or perhaps this was inevitable. No matter what political party we align ourselves and our beliefs with, one thing is certain: corporate media has done a damn fine job of separating the general public from and dividing each other and based on preferences. Due to this insensitive act of aloofness by the media, it is no wonder that many folks continue to despise the media in all formats, solely because of its terrifyingly large ways of controlling crowds.

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