The wrongs of police criticism (Blog #4)

I really just can’t take it anymore. Opening up my twitter app on my phone makes me want to throw my phone against the wall. This police brutality mess and social media adding so much more fuel to the fire. I believe that there is racism in this country. I aknowledge the fact that racism is in every country. Racism, as horrible as it may sound is not something that can be eliminated in 100, 200 years.  The civil war is less than 200 years past. Jim Crow laws were in full effect 80 years ago. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream speech,” was 52 years ago. Martin Luther King Jr. died 47 years ago. Since then, America has become a much better place for people of all race’s. The land of opportunity has been just that. Close to 13% of the nation is african american… and yet when a police officer defends himself or oversteps a boundary many people label the entire white police force as racist. The ignorance of such comments astounds me to no end. When people take to twitter and express their comments  in horrendously ignorant ways.



Look at the picture above, half police officer, half KKK member. People let the idea of racism over run their idea of what the law does for America as a country and each person as an individual. According to government websites there have been 313,873,700 arrests in the past calendar year alone. This covers everything from traffic tickets to murder to loitering. Now take a look at police brutality. There is no exact statistic that says how many cases of police brutality have occurred in the past year. I’ll take a guess and label it somewhere around 10,000. I think this is an extreme over exaggeration but for arguments sake we’ll keep it there. So if 10,000 people are victims of police brutality that means that .0032% of all arrests involve police brutality. Again, for argument’s sake we will raise that statistic so it means 3 out of every 100,000,000 arrests involve police brutality (keep in mind this is a huge overestimate). That very number is so small that the attacks on white male cops is just outrageous. For the 3 police brutality that hypothetically occurs every 100,000,000 arrests I feel like people forget about the 999,999,997 arrests that occur safely and from a cop doing his job to make the country a better and safer place. I am in no way condoning the actions of police brutality. Hopefully, those that do cross the law enforcement line are taken care of accordingly in the judicial system. But the generalization and criticism of police officers as racist is just something I can no longer stomach hearing. Without cops, the nation would be an utter disaster.

We need police officers. We need laws. The actions of few should not cover up the good deeds of the thousands of police officers that do their job in a fair way without the thought of race even coming across their mind.

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