Why do we fast from Olive Oil? – Stump the Priest Night 10/28/17

“1) Oil, like wine, in ancient times was stored in animal skins, thus rendering the oil (and wine) an “animal/meat product” from which we fast;

2) Oil, like wine, became a sacrificial offering because of its common use (both were readily available and used by the people) so that there might be sufficient supply for the increased number of services during the Great Fast of Lent; and

3) Because oil can “fill the belly” making it feel bloated during the fasts, it can make us feel sluggish and making us less watchful, less vigilant, less prayerful, thus it was fasted from.” -Fr. David Smith

Questions, including ones like this can be asked at our “Stump the Priest Night” events. Held a few Thursdays of each semester, it provides students with an opportunity to anonymously ask whatever they want of Orthodox clergy. Join us November 2nd, at 7pm at 122 Pasquerilla for our next Stump the Priest Night. Hope to see you then!