Unexpended surplus funds from 1988 and 1989 were transferred to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania’s Project budget totaling $32,424.40.

Cataloging field work and microfilming work continued at the Historical Society Project site.


Microfilming Coordinator Bill Hamill presented Pennsylvania’s plan and title selection practice at the USNP meeting in Washington, D.C. on March 28.


The Technical Committee met at the State Library on May 11. Topics covered were title selection of titles; ways to provide information about/access to holdings of small repositories and private collectors for whom OCLC symbols are not available in the OCLC database, the format for the Project’s final off-line product, and how to end the Project.

Sue Kellerman and Becky Wilson’s Index to the Readex Microopaque Collection of Early American Newspapers was printed and distributed by the State Library to national and state projects and to Pennsylvania libraries which owned the Readex microprint collection.


Cataloging field work was completed in Pennsylvania’s 67 counties by June 30. The Project’s final months would be spent completing the microfilming phase.

The Technical Committee met to review a report detailing the actual and proposed use of available funds for microfilming. More titles had been approved for microfilming than funds available, and no titles had been selected from the last three counties (Cumberland, Dauphin and York). In order to stay in budget (with the small amount of funds available) it was necessary to cut back on some of the planned filming in counties not yet started. Furthermore, more drastic cuts would be required if the Committee agreed to remain faithful to the plan that some filming should be completed in every county (Cumberland, Dauphin and York).


Bill Hamill resigned as Microfilming Coordinator to accept a position at Columbia University.


The Historical Society of Pennsylvania’s formal participation on the Pennsylvania Newspaper Project ended on December 31.

By the end of December, 7,921 Pennsylvania newspaper titles were located, holdings inventoried and titles cataloged on OCLC.

By the end of December, 66,350 local data records of holdings had been created.

By the end of December 3,055,454 Pennsylvania newspaper pages were microfilmed.

The Pennsylvania Newspaper Project’s formal participation in the USNP ended on December 31, 1990.

A total of $1,903,193 in NEH funds were received over the 8-year life span of the Pennsylvania Newspaper Project.



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