Although the Pennsylvania Newspaper Project “officially” ended in December 1990, Project activities continued at the State Library, at the State’s expense. The following are highlights of what happened “after” the Project.

  • Lou Rauco, Head of the Newspaper Section, State Library continued the microfilming phase by handling microfilming contractor negotiations, inspecting completed film, processing invoices and seeing that microfilm copies were distributed to repositories who had loaned their papers for filming.
  • IMR, Inc. continued as the microfilming vendor.
  • Unspent Project funds from 1990 were used to film selected titles from the collections of the State Library and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Microfilming these titles provided a balanced geographic coverage of all titles filmed from across the Commonwealth.
  • By the end of September 1991, a total of 3.2M newspaper pages from Pennsylvania had been microfilmed.


Content found in this Timeline is courtesy of: the Penn State University Archives, Library Administration collection; the State Library Archives, Hoffman Files; the National Endowment for the Humanities’ USNP Archive, and personal files of Sue Kellerman and Becky Wilson.



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