The authors acknowledge with gratitude the assistance and support of family, friends and colleagues in launching this web resource. 

Leading the list are our institutions Susquehanna University and the Pennsylvania State University, for granting us sabbatical leave to write “Our Story”.   We acknowledge our amazing staff who were always there when we needed them to find and confirm factual data; in particular Sheila Fisher, Karen Morrow and Cheri Banks who inspired us over numerous lunch meetings which fed both mind and body.     

Special thanks to Albert Rozo and Curt Krebs for their technical support and for sharing their knowledge in image capture, editing and file naming.  Albert, your advice in web design, page layout and formatting proved all the difference in making our site readable and navigable.  Thank you too for loading the massive amount of content which allowed our text and images to be shared worldwide. Curt, we are grateful to you for sharing your vast knowledge of photography with us as we struggled to convert Kodak disc images, 35mm slides, faded 1980s color prints and poor quality photocopies to useable digital images.  We now have a new-found appreciation for the digitization work that you do on a daily basis!    

Our heartfelt thanks to family members Janet Kellerman, Rachel Smith, Sonja, Morgan and Elizabeth Stone, and our colleagues for their on-going moral support and for patiently listening to our stories and offering encouraging words. 

We also gratefully received editorial advice from Marty Blessing and Joe McElroy and my author-daughter Sonja

And most importantly, we extend our deep appreciation to our colleagues at the National Endowment for the Humanities for making possible the work we accomplished on Pennsylvania’s USNP Newspaper Project years ago and for inviting us to document and share our first-hand account of this remarkable national effort.



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