Bradford County Itinerary


September 24 – 27, 1985



Sept. 24 Tues.

7:35 am Leave State College

12:00 – 2:00pm Independent Sentinel Office (Go to Green Free L. when done)

Time – Open Green Free Library (Hrs: 2-5; 7-9) (Call Leslie if we need to go earlier)

Granville Summit

Late afternoon Ruth Kinney (Private Collector) Early evening

Troy Laurel Lake West Burlington Township

Sept 25 Wed.

8 – 11am Gazette-Register Office TITLE CHANGES!

11am – 1pm Pat Barber (She will meet us at G-R & lead us to Laurel Lake)

1 – 2:30pm Bradford County Library (RD-3; West Burlington Township


3 – 9pm Spalding Memorial Library (Hrs: 2-5; 7-9)

(100+ issues; can work through supper hour)


3 – 6pm Sayre Public Library (Hrs: W, F 10-6pm) (Try to go by 6pm; work around Spalding Library


Sept. 26 Thurs.

8:30am Mather Memorial Library (Will try to find papers for us!)


9 – 10am Daily Review Office (Paper going back to 1879!)

1 – 4pm Bradford County Historical Society

(Landmesser can let us in at noon if she is free; call her)


Sept. 27 Fri.

8:30 – noon Rocket-Courier Office (Go sometime in the morning)

9:00 – noon Wyalusing Public Library (Hrs: 9-12; 3-5; 7-9)

11:45am Neal Estelle (Private Collector)

New Albany

1:00pm New Albany Community Library (Call if we need to go earlier)



DETERMINE number of visits per county and length of time per visit.

Time is based on the following factors:

Number of titles published in that county

  • Number of institutions/individuals with collections
  • Distance from home site (travel time involved)
  • Number of titles at a given institution/individual
  • Extent of holdings for each title
  • Organization of and foreknowledge of the collection
  • Number of title changes thought to exist per newspaper title
  • Number of titles on microfilm versus paper copy
  • Microfilm is more tedious and time consuming to inventory and catalog

POINTS to cover while making phone contact to arrange site visits

It may be helpful to know in advance:

  • Who your contact person will be at the time that you will arrive
  • Any special arrangements that must be made to have access to all collections (if Archives are locked, can someone let you in)
  • Do you need to reserve a microfilm reader
  • Who will be there with authority to sign release forms (for accessibility)
  • Special parking instructions and directions
  • Hours of operation and after-hours accommodations
  • Any special gear needed: wear jeans, bring flashlight, and need portable microfilm reader, dirt shirt?
  • Secondary contacts and phone numbers (at home if necessary) in the event that your primary contact does not show up to let you in (important at small historical societies and libraries lacking extensive hours of operation).



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