Tuscarora Township Historical Society

A Pic Wyoming Co Tuscarora Twp H S  Feb 10 1987

Climbing up the icy road to reach the Tuscarora Township Historical Society, Laceyville, Wyoming County. The car wouldn’t go up the road so we had to walk, February 10, 1987

Although the sky was clear and bright, we nevertheless concluded that February was not the ideal month to be in Laceyville searching for the Tuscarora Township Historical Society.

So began our tour of Wyoming County and the Endless Mountains. Little did we know that this minor setback was to be the least of our trials on this first visit to the Northeast…



Tuesday, February 10, 1987

Up and ready to travel to Wyoming County. Left the house at 7:55 am in my car. Well, we got as far as Hill’s Plaza and my car temp gauge was reading 260º.

Decided not to take car – drove to Fleet Services – luckily was able to get a PSU car. Drove to Joel Confer and left my car.

8:40 am headed for Laceyville, Wyoming County… (You can’t get there from here). Stopped at New Albany, Bradford Co. to see Doris Hugo and ask about directions. [Roads clear – sky clear]

Ate lunch 11:35 – 12:10 at Wyalusing Hotel and then drove to Laceyville.

Drove to Mrs. Linda English’s house so she could take us to the Tuscarora Township Historical Society. The Society sets on top of a mountain and the road up the mountain was solid ice.

Well, as it turned out Mrs. English wasn’t there when we got there – so we waited. When she finally arrived, she had no intentions of taking us up. She had been up yesterday and had trouble going up and coming down was a fright!

Beck and I didn’t know what to do – I said “What the heck, I’ll try to go up in the PSU car”. Mrs. English gave us directions and we left.

Beck and I drove up the road and saw the steep mountain road to the Society. The road was solid ice, steep and impossible to drive up.

Anyway, we gave it a try and only got up a few hundred feet. While in DRIVE I started to slip backward. I said to Beck, “no way can we make it up”.

The climb! It was so cold and windy! February 10, 1987

Beck suggested we back down, park the car along the road and walk up. So we did!

[Getting down was tricky too!].

We took only what we needed – knowing it was a half-mile walk up the steep icy grade.

Pacing ourselves and resting every-so-often, we finally came to the top. What a view!

C Pic Wyoming Co Tus Twp H S We reached the top!  Feb 10 1987

We finally reached the top! February 10, 1987

It was bitter cold, the wind was blowing snow off the trees but the sky was blue and clear.

We headed past the Society to Mrs. Hedy Chaffee’s house.

We thought Mrs. Chaffee would take us to the Society to show us the newspaper collection.

Well, we walked all around the house and knocked but no one came.

We then went to the Society and cataloged the few newspapers we saw laying around. Beck had heard from Mrs. Chaffee and they were to have more papers somewhere – but damn if we could find them.

The Society was icebox cold – we worked fast to finish and to get out of there.

We had started our climb at 1:20 pm, reached the Society by 1:40 – 2:00 pm. By 2:30 pm we had reached our car again.

D Pic Beck and icy road

We were glad to see our car in sight as we climbed down and even more glad as we drove away.

The warm car waiting for us!

We had to stop at Mrs. English’s house for her to sign the release.

Finally we left and headed to our next stop.

So began our site visiting in the NORTHEAST.

Talk about mountains – I can see why they call this the “Endless Mountains Region”.


Titles found at the Tuscarora Township Historical Society:


  1. Laceyville Messenger
  2. Bradco Advertiser (Bradford) 
  3. Our Paper (Bradford) 
  4. Wyalusing Hustler (Bradford)


  1. Braintrim Messenger
  2. Wyalusing Rocket
  3. Wyalusing Hustler



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