Meeting Minutes 11/19

Attention Attention
Tonight’s edition of Outing Club has some very new, very important, and very exciting information. So put on your reading glasses, get comfortable, and get stoked! 
Up n’coming 
Outing Club Trail Crew/committee elections! (These details are also on the Facebook page)
-so for those of you who weren’t at the meeting outing club used to be really involved in trail maintenance and building. There are actually a couple trails named after the club
-this part of the club has since died out but we are bringing it back with the Rebirth of the PSOC trail Crew 
The crew will work on trail maintenance, trail building, machetes, and much much more
-In order for this to work a trail committee will be made with 3 leaders:
-outreach captain (talk to parks, get permits, find out what needs to be done)
-logistics coordinator (Get gear, deal with reimbursements, make sure everything is good to go)
-communications (recruit new members, update the club on whats going on, fill out clubsports paperwork)
-Being a part of the committee is an awesome way to get involved with the club, the local community, work closely with the officers, and to be a a part of the start of a new part of PSOC history
-If you are interested in being on the committee email Aaron ( with your name and the position you would like to run for. 
-elections for these positions will be held on December 3rd
Spring Break Epic Adventure 
-Look for an email from Travis and/or Dillon this week with the details
Bald Eagle (12/7 to 12/8)
-the trip is full but has a short waitlist so there is still a chance to go
-email josh by Wednesday night at 8pm if you want to get on the waitlist
Polar Bear Plunge 
-possibly the morning the week before finals
-the perfect way to wake up and forget about the stress of impending finals
-email josh for details
Paul wants to go backpacking
-Travis’s roommate, Paul, can’t make it to meetings but wants to go backpacking this weekend
-if you want to go backpacking too get a hold of paul and become friends.
-PSOC THON is writing thonvelopes the week after thanksgiving break
-if you know some people who might want to donate to thon, get a letter from you, or who you want to send mail let us know
-There will be a coloring party (several actually) to decorate the letters after thanksgiving break
-email Carrie for details
-and don’t forget PSOC THON meetings are in 113 right after the PSOC meetings ends. Newcomers are always welcome!
Trip Reports 
Grand Ole Stuff
-there was finger licking, burnt pillsbury dough epicness, apple sex, hiking, rouge stream crossings, oil rigs?, and some old growth forests!
-what more could you want in a weekend! of backpacking
-can you back Benji’s school bag with a weekends worth of backpacking gear and homework in a measly 3 minutes?!?
-Probably not (because we aren’t quite sure that Benji can either)
-Dave gave a valient effort though and got some hotsauce and a cupcake in return. Goodwork!
-if you borrowed gear at any point this semester make sure it gets back to its owner!
Merchandise Design  
-PSOC is making new merchandise and wants YOU to design it.
-email Julian with your designs
-make sure to come to the meeting on December 3rd to vote for the trail crew committee
That’s all for know folks! Stay Stoked and have a great thanksgiving break!
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