ACA Canoe/Kayak Collegiate Championship 2009

Organized by: Brian Brosius

This was the second annual attendance of the Penn State Outing Club at the ACAC/KCC. PSOC placed 5th, and not out of 5. We received a certificate which is “on file” with The President. The trip was easy and requires no experience. The weather misbehaved and decided to be everywhere from 35-80 degrees with some sun and some rain. Overall the trip was a good time, no one died, everyone got along. Food of note: Apple Cinnamon Bagels with Hamburgers. Next year’s race will be in Western North Carolina.

Members in Attendance:

  • Brian Brosius
  • Rohit¬†Gandrakota
  • Darcy McKinley Lester
  • Stephen Meckler
  • Megan Murphy
  • Rich Schatz
  • Kurt Smithgall

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