Gila National Wilderness Area 2009

Organized by: Nick Clabbers

This Spring Break ’09 trip was to the Gila National Wilderness Area, New Mexico. The long-term backpacking trip required much preparation and planing (from dehydrating whole meals, to organizing transportation, and a whole lot more). The area was beautiful, however weather was widely unpredictable and many portions of the trail were challenging. Some equipment brought was not up to par with what the weather threw at it, resulting in some less-than-happy outcomes. No one died however, and the group united against a common foe late in the trip and much laughter was had. There may have been a federal crime committed, but that is the stuff of legend and myth.

Members in Attendance:

  • Nick Clabbers
  • Franz┬áLichtner
  • Kaitlin Pope
  • Toma┬áZikatanov
  • Kelly McFadden
  • Gretchen Wall
  • Dan Trew
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