Rothrock Easter Hike 2009

Organized by: Michele Scanze, Kelly McFadden

This single-overnight hiking adventure was a romp through Rothrock State Forest. The trip went out under perfect hiking weather in the early spring. An easter egg hunt was held in the morning of the second day to the joy of all the participants. No one died, and much easter candy was eaten by all.

Members in Attendance:

  • Michele Scanze
  • Kelly McFadden
  • Molly Burbank
  • Kate¬†Lalancette
  • Helena Kotala
  • Rob Justice
  • Dan Trew

Old Logger’s Path September 4-7, 2009

Organized by: Joe Moran

The first official trip of the 2009 Fall semester was held in Tiadaghton State Forrest along the Old Logger’s Path Trail. The hike was clockwise starting at night in Masten, an abandoned logging town, and completed the entire trail. The trail was marked by a few very significant elevation changes, but overall was an excellent trail system. Early sections of the trail proved to slightly over-grown and prickly, though this was short-lived. The weather was perfect, highs in the 70’s and lows in mid 50’s. In the prospect of the perfect weather the group elected to not bring any tents and instead sleep on tarps. The food brought was pasta, instant mashed potatoes, stuffing, chicken, eggs, and a large quantity of other foods. There was an excellent amount of food resulting in very little left over at the end of the trip and the portions were very generous. The end of the hike was marked by a stay at the legendary water-hole along the path. The entire group ventured forth into the frigid waters, and many members participated in a an early morning “polar bear swim.” The group was cheerful and cooperated well, old friends and new all around.

Members in attendance:

  • Joe Moran
  • Dan Trew
  • Diana Zahuranec
  • Molly Burbank & Tuffy
  • Roozbeh Foroozan
  • Kelly McFadden
  • Ben Hardwick
  • Rich Schatz
  • Emily Riddle
  • Pamela Lin

Allegheny River 2009

Organized by: Mike Szedlmayer

The first water-born trip of the 2009 Fall semester was held on the Allegheny River from Kinzua Dam to Indian Waters Outfitters. The trip was reportedly very easy and appropriate for all levels of skill. The less-than-favorable weather at the stat caused a small delay, but the trip ended on a sunny note. There was adequate food, however the kayaks were mediocre (Indian Waters Outfitters is not recommended for a return trip). The water in the Allegheny was dirty and packing in water is recommended if possible. The group was a good mix of core members and new people that got along. A final note: Don’t forget a spatula.

Members in Attendance:

  • Mike Szedlmayer
  • James Basham
  • Kelly McFadden
  • Roozbeh Foroozan
  • Eric Schmidt
  • Molly Burbank
  • David Semple
  • Emily Donner
  • Stephanie Vliet

Hickory Run SP 2009

Organized by: Nick Clabbers

Many attended this outing to the Hickory Run State Park. The trip consisted of day-hikes and campfires, with new members getting to know old members. The chicken suit made many appearances on this trip, and even took its life in its own hands on the Shades of Death trail. The weather for this strip was spectacular, though there was an unusual cold-snap that resulted in frost on one member’s hammock and car window. There is currently an album up on the photo-gallery of this trip.

Members in Attendance:

  • Catherine Campbell
  • Jake Catt
  • Nick Clabbers
  • Renee Fledderman
  • Rohit¬†Gandrakota
  • Zach Haas
  • Natasha Lucas
  • Ryan Mullins
  • Brittany Murphy
  • David Semple
  • David Smith
  • Dan Trew
  • Carolyn Weber
  • Emily Wychock