Rustic Cabin Camping 2009

Organized by: Dan Trew

This cabin camping trip was in Black Moshannon State Park. The only difficulty of this trip was getting the wood-stove to heat the cabin consistently. It was cold, and it snowed 2 inches during the first night. The cabin was in excellent condition and well maintained with large quantities of wood nearby. There is no running water in the cabin, a small inconvenience but not much more. Many board-games were played as well as card-games. Fun was had by all, no one died. The cabin is moderately priced and well maintained, however it is not suitable for groups larger than 6-7. The cabin is also only available from April until mid-December making Fall semester the only winter option.

Members in Attendance:

  • Ryan Mullins
  • Joe Sumereau
  • Darcy McKinley Lester
  • Dan Trew

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