Meeting Minutes 9/15/15

Hello All, Tuesday night the Outing Club convened, and heard a presentation from US National Kayaker Kurt Smithgall, who introduced us to the sport of wildwater canoeing and shared the history of the PSOC canoe division. Next week we will meet same as always, on Tuesday at 8pm in 108 Henderson. We will have a presentation on how to lead a trip with PSOC, something we hope every club member gets the chance to do!


          King of the Beach – Last weekend, PSOC sent a group of 15 to Assateague National Seashore. Despite grumpy park rangers, biting flies, and tornadoes, much fun was had!
          Freshman Hike – Monday, a group of PSOC’s most impressionable youths summitted Mt. Nittany to watch the sunset over happy valley.
          Spring Creek – PSOC had its first official whitewater kayaking practice session just before the meeting. A small crew practiced rolling, ferrying, surfing, and other basics of kayaking.
          New River Gorge – Some PSOC members participated in an Adventure Rec white water rafting trip. Several boats flipped on the intensely raging torrent that is the Gauley, but there were smiles all around!
          Coburn – some PSOC members went out to scale sheer cliff faces at this nearby rock climbing hotspot
          Scotia Barrens – some PSOC members went herping at this local state gamelands, and were please to find many spotted and jefferson’s salamanders!
          Stadium cleanup – 9/20 – This Sunday, we’ll be cleaning up Beaver Stadium after the Rutgers game, PSOC’s biggest fundraiser of the year. Email me ( with your phone number to sign up.
          PSOC Potluck – 9/23 – Come one, come all to the annual PSOC cookout, Next Wednesday from 5-8 pm at Sunset Park (an easy walk from campus). We’ll be grillin’ and chillin’, and learning some backcountry skills too!
          Canning for THON – 9/25-27 – Wanna get involved in a massive student-run philanthropy? Wanna dance on the sidewalk and beg strangers for donations? Fill out this form to sign up (club membership required). We are especially in need of drivers. Also join the PSOC THON facebook group
          Rothrockin’ – 9/26 – This 9 am to 4 pm day hike will take you on an 8 mile loop through s! ome of central PA’s most pristine wilderness. Email to signup, especially if you can drive!
          Mt. Marcy – 10/2-4 – Rick Devery is leading a return expedition to the summit of New York’s highest peak, way up in the Adirondacks. It’s a hard hike, but incredibly gorgeous and rewarding! Email to sign up, especially if you can drive.
       Cherry Springs – *tentative* 10/2-3 – I will be leading an overnight camping trip to find the darkest skies east of the Mississippi, and doing a cool day hike that saturday. Dates may vary in order to guarantee clear skies. Email to sign up.
          Spring Creek Kayaking Practice – email for more information about the weekly kayaking practice sessions the Outing Club runs, totally beginner-friendly!
          Climbing at the YMCA – All PSOC members can climb at the State College YMCA for only $3, every Thursday 8-10 pm, Friday 7-10 pm, and Sunday 3:30-5:30 pm. Email outing club’s resident climbing enthusiast Sam DeVries if you need a ride down at
          The West Rim Trail – Ricky Waltz will be leading a trip on this meandering 30 mile loop, at some point th! is fall. This “sister trail” to the Black Forest Trail has many gorgeous views of the Pine Creek Gorge (aka the PA Grand Canyon). Email for more info.
          Summer Vacation Photo Contest — We are still excepting entries until 9/22, show us with just how awesome your summer was! Submit your photos here.!
          National Public Lands Day — 9/26 — Participate in this national environmental stewardship celebration by volunteering at Black Mo. In return for a hard day’s work, you’ll get free food, free camping, new friends, and a fun weekend. Pre-registration is required, click here for more information.
Check out the PSOC Instagram account @psuoutingclub. Hashtag photos #psoc to get featured!
          Check out the collaborative spotify playlist. Perfect music to get you pumped on a drive out to the woods!
          Check out our facebook group!
If you want to become an official member, please come to the next meeting with a completed participation agreement (in pen), and club dues in cash ($30 for year, $20 for one semester). All members must have health insurance, but are no longer required to provide proof.
Benefits of membership include:
– being able to go on trips
– free gear rental from Penn State Adventure Recreation
– 10% discount at Appalachian Outdoors
– discounted Rock Climbing at the State College YMCA
– being irresistibly attractive
– being involved in a community of outdoors-people at Penn State!
Safety Officers
          – Provide scanned copies of your certifications for CPR/AED and First Aid. Certifications are only accepted from the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, and the Emergency Care and Safety Institute.
          – Complete Safety Officer Form
          – Complete Vehicle Authorization Form
          – Submit and print the Vehicle Authorization Form and have it signed by the vehicle owner (whoever’s name is on the registration)
          – Provide scanned copies of your up-to-date Vehicle Registration, Auto Insurance, and Driver’s License
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