Meeting Minutes 11/10/15

Hello PSOC members, we met last night and it was great. Jay proved himself the reigning Chubby Bunny champ by fitting 8 marshmallows in his mouth and reciting the words “chubby bunny”.


Owls – Some PSOC members spent an unseasonably warm evening at King’s Gap Environmental Center, where we got to see a wild Northern Saw-Whet Owl up close! Many “ooos” and “aahs” and selfies were had with this adorable fluffballs.

West Rim Trail – On this PSOC trip, a crew of 6 die-hards followed this 30-mile trail as it traces the rim of the PA Grand Canyon, at times disconcertingly close to huge drop-offs. They enjoyed gorgeous vistas, fog-filled valleys, open-hearth cooking, and delicious wild apples.

Rothrock Virgins – After getting lost, hiking at night with torches, getting lost again, summitting Broad Mountain and its fire tower, getting lost again, then seeing a plane from above, then getting lost again, then eating some dry mac’n’cheese, this crew of PSOC-ers agreed they are no longer Rothrock Virgins.


Wild Women – 11/13-14 – Annabel Drayton will be leading a beginners, all-girls backpacking trip around bear meadows in Rothrock SF. Email her at to get on the waitlist!

Keith Springs – 11/13-14 – This hike will tour through Rothrock SF from Shingletown to Keith Springs, passing through well known local vistas, campsites, and ruins. Email to sign up!

            Milton Rock Gym – 11/14 – In preparation for the bouldering competition, Sam Devries will be leading a day trip to this awesome climbing gym in Milton. Email her at to get on the waitlist, especially if you can drive.

Bald Eagle Baddies – 11/14 – This day hike will explore part of the massive Bald Eagle State Forest. Email or to sign up, especially if you could drive.

Kayak Pool Sessions – 11/18, 8-10pm – Spots remain for the upcoming pool session! The first 12 people to give Aaron Fleishman $5 will be signed up to receive professional whitewater kayaking instruction. Gear is provided, and if you have your own gear feel free to just show up (with $5). Come to practice your rolls or other technical skills. Email to for more info. One final fall session is scheduled for 12/9.

            Kayak Practice Sessions at Spring Creek – These will occur weekly. Email to get involved.

Governer Dick Bouldering Competition – 11/21 – Join PSOC’s veteran climber Sam DeVries and compete in this outdoor climbing competition at  Governor Dick State Park. For $20 registration you get a t-shirt and a burrito. Email her at to get on the waitlist.


Guest Talk at Ferguson Elementary – 11/13, 4-5 pm – Spend an hour on this Friday afternoon teaching little kids about the great outdoors! Email to get involved.

Free U on XC Skiing – 11/18, 7-8 pm – Come to Appalachian Outdoors, your local outfitter, to hear Geoff share his cross-country skiing wisdom. He will be talking about where to go, how to stay safe, warm and comfortable, and what kind of gear to wear, etc. There will be light refreshments, and admission is free.

Warren Miller’s Chasing Shadows at the State Theatre – 11/19, 7 pm –  This year’s installment of the iconic winter sports film series celebrates why skiers and snowboarders commit themselves every winter to a passion that’s guaranteed to melt away every Spring. And, as always, Warren Miller’s annual film tradition marks the beginning of colder weather, winter exploration, and premier cinematography that reignites the excitement for winter sports. Warren Miller once said, “A pair of skis is the ultimate transportation to freedom.” Tickets can be purchased at Appalachian Outdoors, $10 for Adults and $8 for Students.

Logo Design Competition – A call to all aspiring artists! We’d like to see your ideas for the new PSOC logo, to be printed on the next batch of t-Shirts and live on for decades on torsos of alumni. We will accept any format, even a doodle in your notebook. Email submissions to or bring them in to a meeting by December 8th.

Forty-Four Mile Fall Foliage Fun-test – Please show us the beautiful photos you have taken this fall within 41 miles of the sundial on the old main lawn. Winners will receive some fabulous prizes! ENTER HERE

Check us out on Instagram @psuoutingclub. Hashtag photos #psoc to get featured!

Check out the collaborative spotify playlist. Perfect music to get you pumped on a drive out to the woods!

Check out our facebook group!



If you want to become an official member, please come to the next meeting with a completed participation agreement (in pen), and club dues in cash ($30 for y! ear, $20 for one semester). All members must have health insurance, but are no longer required to provide proof.

Benefits of membership include:

– being able to go on trips

– free gear rental from Penn State Adventure Recreation

– 10% discount at Appalachian Outdoors

– discounted Rock Climbing at the State College YMCA

– being irresistibly attractive

– being involved in a community of outdoors-people at Penn State!


Safety Officers

– Provide scanned copies of your certifications for CPR/AED and First Aid. Certifications a! re only accepted from the American Red Cross, American Heart Associatio! n, and the Emergency Care and Safety Institute.

– Complete Safety Officer Form



– Complete Vehicle Authorization Form

– Submit and print the Vehicle Authorization Form and have it signed by the vehicle owner (whoever’s name is on the registration)

– Provide scanned copies of your up-to-date Vehicle Registration, Auto Insurance, and Driver’s License

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